Intelligent CNC

Intelligent CNC (Intelligent Computer Numerical Control) machines increase processing accuracy and efficiency while relieving operators’ physical as well as psychological workload. Additionally, these machines are capable of detecting, diagnosing and correcting all sorts of errors during production, as well as providing solutions that are optimized for production.


Comparing with non-intelligent CNC machines, intelligent CNC machines are equipped with intelligent control units in addition to motion control units. Intelligent control units utilize information from process monitoring sensor groups, expertise library, and neural network to automatically determine and correct process parameters such as cutting speed, depth and rate. Moreover, intelligent CNC machines can provide active vibration and heat compensation, safe guarding, voice indication, and remote maintenance.

A process monitoring sensor groups consist of accelerometers, RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors), image sensors, microphones, and position sensors. Accelerometers are used to detect vibration so that active vibration control can be achieved. RTDs detect temperature of the work-piece and cutting tools so as to realize thermal shielding in order to reduce thermal deformation. Image sensors are used for wear-out evaluation of cutting tools. Microphones collect noise generated by machines to help intelligent control unit determine vibration intensity and lubricating condition. Position sensors implement function of on-line measurement of work-pieces’ size. Certainly, intelligent CNC machines also have motion control units that include position sensors, rotary encoders, proximity switches, current sensors and pressure sensors to work with process monitoring sensor group and achieve powerful functions.

CNC machines are not only getting smarter, but also evolving towards green equipments that have higher speed and accuracy with flexibility and network communication capability.


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Detects position and motor speed.
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Measures the co-ordinates or dimension of the workpiece and tools.
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Measures the co-ordinates or dimension of the workpiece and tools.
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Used for motion control
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Measures current/power consumption
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Detects vibration of the machine bed.
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Measures the temperature of tools and workpieces .
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Inspects the wear and tear of the different tools.
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Collects noise to diagnose vibration and lubrication.
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Ensures the safety of the machine operator
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Measure pressure levels in pneumatic or liquid control system
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Human Machine Interface
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NXP / element14
The XL_STAR board allows a user to develop, download and debug up to 64KBytes of 'C' or assembler object code for the MC9S08MM128 MCU using CodeWarrior for MCUs V6.3 Special Edition, a professional IDE, for just the cost of the board. Connected to the MM128 MCU, via I2C, is the MMA8451Q a three axes accelerometer. The board is pre-programmed with firmware that uses the MM128 MCU and MMA8451Q accelerometer to drive a star array of LEDs.
ADIS16220/PCBZ Vibration SensorADIS16220/PCBZ Vibration Sensor
Analog Devices
The ADIS16220 iSensor® is a digital vibration sensor that combines industry-leading iMEMS® sensing technology with signal processing, data capture, and a convenient serial peripheral interface (SPI).
Aptina Imaging
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BROADCOM Rotary Encoder 
Simplifying BLDC Commutation and Feedback System  
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BROADCOM Rotary Encoder 
Implementation of a DSP-based 20-bit High Resolution Quasi-Absolute Encoder for Low-Speed Feedback Control Applications
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ANALOG DEVICES AccelerometerThe Five Motion Sense:Using MEMS Inertial Sensing TO Transform ApplicationsClick here
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ANALOG DEVICES AccelerometerVibration Sensor Evaluation Board ADIS16220/PCBZ ADIS1622X Click here
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APTINA IMAGING Image SensorDemo Kit Quick Start GuideMT9P031I12STCD ES MT9P031I12STCClick here
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