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ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-1078: ADXL346 Quick Start Guide  (pdf, 97 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-1077: ADXL345 Quick Start Guide  (pdf, 99 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-1063: Oversampling Technique to Improve ADXL345 Output Resolution  (pdf, 89 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-1057: Using an Accelerometer for Inclination Sensing  (pdf, 168 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-1049: Calibrating iMEMS® Gyroscopes  (pdf, 78 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-0989: Transitioning from ADXL202 to ADXL213 or ADXL203  (pdf, 76 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-1025: Utilization of the First In, First Out (FIFO) Buffer in Analog Devices, Inc. Digital Accelerometers  (pdf, 138 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-942: Optimizing MEMS Gyroscope Performance with Digital Control  (pdf, 129 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-900: Enhancing the Performance of Pedometers Using a Single Accelerometer  (pdf, 208 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-918: Motionless Bandwidth Test for MEMS Sensors  (pdf, 71 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-688: Phase and Frequency Response of iMEMS® Accelerometers and Gyros  (pdf, 135 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-604: Using the ADXL202 Duty Cycle Output  (pdf, 529 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-603: A Compact Algorithm Using the ADXL213 Duty Cycle Output  (pdf, 176 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-602: Using the ADXL202 in Pedometer and Personal Navigation Applications  (pdf, 81 kB)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerAN-600: Embedding Temperature Information in the ADXL202's PWM Outputs  (pdf, 81 kB)Click here
BROADCOM Ambient Light SensorApplication Note - Test Setup for Ambient Light Sensor Testing(335 KB,PDF)Click here
BROADCOM Ambient Light SensorApplication Note - AN 5464; APDS-9120-020, Integrated Optical Proximity Sensor Window Design Guide(65 KB,PDF)Click here
NXP AccelerometerHow Many Bits are Enough? The Trade-off Between High Resolution and Low Power Using Oversampling ModesClick here
NXP AccelerometerOffset Calibration of the MMA8451, 2, 3QClick here
NXP AccelerometerData Manipulation and Basic Settings of the MMA8451, 2, 3QClick here
NXP Magnetic SensorMAG3110 : 3-Axis, Digital Magnetometer (pdf)Click here
NXP Magnetic SensorMAG3110UG : Sensor Toolbox RD4247MAG3110 Tilt-Compensated eCompass User’s Guide (pdf)Click here
NXP Magnetic SensorAN4247 : Layout Recommendations for PCBs Using a Magnetometer Sensor (pdf)Click here
NXP Magnetic SensorAN4248 : Implementing a Tilt-Compensated eCompass using Accelerometer and Magnetometer Sensors (pdf)Click here
NXP Magnetic SensorAN4246 : Calibrating an eCompass in the Presence of Hard and Soft Iron Interference (pdf)Click here
NXP AccelerometerMMA7660FC : MMA7660FC, 3-Axis Orientation/Motion Detection Sensor (pdf)Click here
NXP AccelerometerAN3839 : AN3839, MMA7660FC Board Mounting Guidelines (pdf)Click here
NXP AccelerometerAN3923 : AN3923, MMA8450Q Design Checklist and Board Mounting Guidelines (pdf)Click here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorAN1985, Touch Panel Applications Using the MC34940/MC33794 E-Field ICClick here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorAN3583 Using Low Power Mode on the MPR083 and MPR084Click here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorPad Layout Application NoteClick here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorMPR121 Capacitance Sensing SettingsClick here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorMPR121 Baseline SystemClick here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorMPR121 Jitter and False Touch DetectionClick here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorMPR121 Proximity DetectionClick here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorMPR121 Serial CommunicationClick here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorMPR121 Quick Start GuideClick here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorMPR121 GPIO and LED Driver FunctionClick here
NXP Capacitive Touch SensorPad Layout Application NoteClick here
NXP Atmosphere Pressure SensorBarometric Pressure Measurement Using Semiconductor Pressure SensorsClick here
NXP Atmosphere Pressure SensorWashing Appliance Sensor SelectionClick here
NXP AccelerometerAN3751, Frequency Analysis in the Industrial Market Using Accelerometer SensorsClick here
NXP AccelerometerAN1612 Shock and Mute Pager Applications Using AccelerometersClick here
NXP AccelerometerAN4004 2g Acceleration Sensing Module Based on a 40g Integrated AccelerometerClick here
HAMLIN Reed SwitchSoldering Temperatures Click here
HONEYWELL S&CRTDHot Film AnemometryClick here
HONEYWELL S&CElectronic CompassAN200_Smart_Digital_MagnetometerClick here
HONEYWELL S&CElectronic CompassAN202_Magnetic_Sensor_Hybrid_Application_CircuitClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN203_Compass_Heading_Using_MagnetometersClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN204_Magnetic_Gradiometer_CircuitClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN205_Magnetic_Sensor_Cross-Axis_EffectClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN209_Magnetic_Current_SensingClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN211_Applications-of-Magnetic-Position-SensorsClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN212_Handling_of_Sensor_Bridge_OffsetClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN213_Set_Reset_Function_of_Magnetic_SensorsClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN214_Reference_Design_Low_Cost_CompassClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN215_Cross_Axis_Effect_for_AMR_Magnetic_SensorsClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN216_Mounting_Tips_for_LCC_Magnetic_SensorsClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN218_Vehicle_Detection_Using_AMR_SensorsClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN219__Digital_Compass_Reference_DesignClick here
HONEYWELL S&CMagnetic SensorAN221_HMR3500HMR3600_Experiencing__AzimuthClick here
ISTRTDWire assembly and extensionsClick here
ISTHumidity Sensor LinPicco Humidity Module Application NotesClick here
ISTHumidity Sensor Humidity Circuit Application NotesClick here
ISTHumidity Sensor Sensor Cable Extension Application Notes Click here
ISTHumidity Sensor SMD Humidity Sensor Application Notes Click here
ISTHumidity Sensor Sensor Cable Extension Application Notes Click here
KNOWLES ACOUSTICS MicrophoneTransducer Signal Port Location KeyClick here
KNOWLES ACOUSTICS MicrophoneA Passive Current Source for Two-Wire MicrophonesClick here
KÜBLER EncoderInstalling instructions for rotary encodersClick here
LEMCurrent SensorProcess & quality control, productivity gain: quality improvement and time savings thanks to current measurement Click here
LEMCurrent SensorElectrical measurement in automation industryClick here
MICROCHIPTemperature SensorInterfacing a MCP9700 Analog Output Temperature Sensor to a PICmicro MicrocontrollerClick here
MICROCHIPTemperature SensorIC Temperature Sensor Accuracy Compensation with a PICmicro MicrocontrollerClick here
MICROCHIPTemperature SensorTemperature Sensing TechnologiesClick here
MICROCHIPTemperature SensorInterfacing the MCP9800 I2C Digital Temperature Sensor to a PICmicro MicrocontrollerClick here
MICROCHIPTemperature SensorAnalog Solutions for Automotive Applications Design GuideClick here
MICROCHIPTemperature SensorTemperature Sensor Design GuideClick here
OPTEK TECHNOLOGY Slot SensorApplication Guidelines for the OPB SeriesClick here
OPTEK TECHNOLOGY EncoderApplication Bulletin 201 - Motion Sensing with Optical Interrupters - Selecting the proper sensor for optimum system design Click here
OPTEK TECHNOLOGY EncoderApplication Bulletin 203 - Two Channel Optical Interrupters may be used for determining direction of rotation, speed, and the relative location of a rotating shaft Click here
OPTEK TECHNOLOGY EncoderApplication Bulletin 206 - Linear and rotary encoders are evolving to meet the demands of new system requirements, higher performance requirements, harsh environmental conditions and lower cost Click here
OPTEK TECHNOLOGY EncoderDesigning Encoder Elements for Two Channel Optical Interrupters Click here
PEPPERL & FUCHSEncoderRotary Encoders with high-level functional safetyClick here
PEPPERL & FUCHSEncoderSensors for doors,gates and elevatorsClick here
PEPPERL & FUCHS Proximity 4 steps for selecting the appropriate proximity switchClick here
SENSIRIONSensorESD, Latch-Up and EMC For SHTxx Humidity and Temperature SensorsClick here
SENSIRIONSensorNon-Linearity compensationClick here
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Temperature SensorInterfacing the MSP430 and TMP100 Temperature SensorClick here
VISHAYIR SensorApplication OverviewClick here
VISHAYIR SensorCircuit Description of the IR Receiver ModulesClick here
VISHAYIR ReceiverApplication OverviewClick here
VISHAYIR ReceiverMechanical Design NotesClick here
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ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerThe Five Motion Senses: Using MEMS Inertial Sensing to Transform ApplicationsClick here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerThe Five Motion Senses: Using MEMS Inertial Sensing to Transform ApplicationsClick here
BROADCOMOptical Industrial Fiber Optics in Train Transportation SystemsClick here
BROADCOMSimplifying BLDC Commutation and Feedback System  Click here
BROADCOM Rotary Encoder 
Simplifying BLDC Commutation and Feedback System  
Click here
HONEYWELL S&C Safety SwitchesChoosing Safety Switches Click here
INVENSENSE MEMS SensorDevelopment of High-Performance High-Volume Consumer MEMS Gyroscopes (746K PDF)Click here
INVENSENSE MEMS SensorA Critical Review of the Market Status and Industry Challenges of Producing Consumer Grade MEMS Gyroscopes (1,120K PDF)Click here
INVENSENSE MEMS SensorThe Next Breakthrough Function in Handsets (690K PDF)Click here
INVENSENSE MEMS SensorMotionProcessing Technology Driving New Innovations in Consumer Products (493K PDF)Click here
INVENSENSE MEMS SensorAn Overview of MotionProcessing Solutions for Consumer Products (460K PDF)Click here
INVENSENSE MEMS SensorSelection and Integration of MEMS-based MotionProcessing in Consumer Apps (452K PDF)Click here
INVENSENSE MEMS Sensor2007 Wafer-Scale Packaging and Integration are Credited for new Generation of Low-Cost MEMS Motion Sensor Products (284K PDF)Click here
INVENSENSE MEMS SensorMotion Sensors Gaining Inertia with Popular Consumer Electronics (93k PDF)Click here
INVENSENSE MEMS SensorA Critical Review of MEMS Gyroscope Technology and Commercialization Status (540k PDF)Click here
ANALOG DEVICESAccelerometerLow g iMEMS® AccelerometersClick here
ANALOG DEVICES AccelerometerADIS1636X iSensor® IMUsADIS1636XClick here
AustriamicrosystemsEncoderProgrammable Magnetic Rotary EncodersClick here
BROADCOM Rotary EncoderMotor Control Solutions Click here
BANNER ENGINEERINGLight CurtainSafety Light Screen Resolution Click here
BANNER ENGINEERINGLight CurtainMachine Safeguarding SolutionsClick here
NXP AccelerometerLow-g Accelerometers Part 1 – Basic Knowledge of AccelerometersClick here
NXP AccelerometerLow-g Accelerometers Part 2 – Accelerometer Products and ApplicationsClick here
GRAYHILLEncoderOptical EncodersClick here
HONEYWELL S&CLimit SwitchMicro Switch™ Basic SwitchesClick here
HONEYWELL S&CLinear PositionPosition Sensor SPS-L075-HALSSPS-L075Click here
HONEYWELL S&C Humidity SensorsHumidity SensorsClick here
HONEYWELL S&C Current SensorCurrent SensorClick here
LABFACILITY RTDThermocouple, resistance thermometer and thermistor theory and practice Click here
MICROCHIPSmoke detectorRE46C190-3V Photo Smoke Detector ICClick here
MICROCHIPSmoke detectorRE46C165/6/7/8 Photo & RE46C162/3 Ion Smoke Detector ICsClick here
MICROCHIPSmoke detectorPhotoelectric Smoke DetectorsClick here
OPTEK TECHNOLOGY EncoderOptical EncodersClick here
SupplierProduct TypeTraining TitleTraining TypeURL