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100,000 hour life expectancy, available in four different lens styles, three diffused lens colors and operating voltage range of 12V, 28V, and 125V

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Robust body and recessed LED position, supplied with lock washer and hex nut, in three different diffused LED colors.

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Designed for extreme harsh and outdoor environments featuring a variety of connection options for fast, easy installation. Built-in LED can be used with 5 to 28 volt DC circuits.

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Ultra thin 7 segment displays designed to reduce the overall thickness of the PCB. Offered in red or pure green and a choice of 4 different digit heights, these common anode SMD displays feature low current operation & low power consumption.

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3mm & 5mm lightpipes made from optical grade polycarbonate for maximum light transmission. 120 degree viewing angle and a frosted surface diffuses light & provides uniform brightness with a soft glow. Simple press fit installation with no contact between the pipe & LED provides assembly versatility.

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Available in 3 single colors & 2 different Bi-colors, these indicators are designed to help eliminate mixed SMT & through hole PCBs, thus reducing production costs. The 3mm (T1) LED is housed in a black case to improve the contrast ratio. Fully compatible with automatic placement equipment & IR or vapour phase solder processes.

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