TR Fastenings is an industry recognized leading manufacturer of industrial fastenings and high volume C Components. TR Fastenings has an annual output of 5 billion components to over 5000 customers in sectors such as automotive, electronics & telecoms, general industrial, marine, and home appliance. Key product offerings include nuts, screws, studs and studding, and washers.

Established in 1973, TR Fastenings is a multi-award winning global manufacturer. Their product range includes the original Hank self-clinch nuts used in applications ranging from white goods, telecommunications, automotive, audio, electrical, marine, to enclosures. These sheet metal fasteners provide a thread in to sheet that would be too thin for conventional methods.

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Listas do produto de TR Fastenings

Cable, Wire & Cable Assemblies

Cooling & Thermal Management

Fasteners & Mechanical

Optoelectronics & Displays

Tools & Production Supplies

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