When your projects call for high-quality capacitors, look no further than Nichicon products in stock at Newark! Nichicon supplies a range of capacitors including aluminum electrolytic capacitors, polymer capacitors, film capacitors, tantalum capacitors and more.

Since 1950, Nichicon has been providing professionals in the energy, ecology, medical, automotive, automation and many other sectors with quality solutions which are built to handle even the toughest challenges. As a quality control assurance, Nichicon employs a system that allows the verification of where, when and under what conditions each of their products was manufactured.

Shop a wide selection of Nichicon products at Newark where you'll find guaranteed same-day shipping along with friendly customer service and knowledgeable technical support.

Newark is an authorized Nichicon distributor.

Featured Products

LGU series standard 105⁰C snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Withstands 3000 hours of rated ripple current with voltage ranging from 16 to 450V and capacitance ranging from 47-47000uf.

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LLS series standard 85⁰C snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor

These high performance and high capacitance parts work well for filtering and storing input current.

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UHE series radial aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Extremely low impedance and high reliability.

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UKA series 105⁰C audio capacitor

Applications include high grade audio equipment such as stomp boxes, Blu-Ray Players and amplifiers.

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PCX series polymer capacitors

High temperature, high voltage, low ESR, and high ripple current.

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NU Series Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors

Low ESR at a high frequency range, High ripple current capability, Long life and high reliability.

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