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  • Hazardous Switches

    How limit switches can stop machines from going boom.

    Read the article courtesy of Honeywell
  • Innovative Insights

    Connectors for automated process systems help bring quality products to market faster.

    Read the article courtesy of Molex
  • Automated Handler Machine for Test Systems

    Digital inputs and outputs are used in industrial machines for control and automation purposes. This application note describes how you can incorporate Keysight Technologies's U2100A USB digital input/output (DIO) device in an automated handler machine for a test system.

    Read the article courtesy of Newark element 14
  • Network Powering Strategies and Alternatives

    As communication demands increase, reliable powering of networks is increasing in importance.

    Read the article courtesy of Newark element 14
  • Patch Cable Stability and Network Performance

    Patch Cable is integral to the performance of a network based on Cat 5 cabling.

    Read the article courtesy of Newark element 14
  • Save Energy, Gain Efficiency

    TOP 7 ENERGY-REDUCING TIPS for your facility!

    Read the article courtesy of Newark element 14
  • Oscilloscope Mask Testing for Six Sigma Quality Standards

    Oscilloscopes play a major role in both design and manufacturing so it is crucial to have an oscilloscope that provides accurate visual representations of the signal, as well as usability and functions that make designing and testing signals easier.

    Read the article courtesy of Keysight Technologies
  • White paper: Improve Operating Efficiency and Reduce Installed Cost with Altivar™ 212 Adjustable Speed Drives

    Read about the Altivar™ 212 adjustable speed drive, which operates more efficiently and provides additional installed cost savings as compared to typical AC drives on centrifugal pump and fan applications.

    Read the article courtesy of Schneider Electric
  • Optimising energy efficiency of conveyors

    With more than 2.5 million conveyors put in operation annually in the world, conveying is an important energy consumer. This paper outlines methods to propose ways to improve the efficiency of belt and roller conveyors.

    Read the article courtesy of Schneider Electric
  • Your Bill. Let's see how low it can go

    How can you make energy usage more of an asset and less of a liability

    Read the article courtesy of Eaton
  • Choosing Handheld Tools for Industrial Process Testing

    All of the Testing Tools You Need For Electronic, Electrical and Industrial Process Testing

    Read the article courtesy of Keysight Technologies
  • Why you care: Mixed Cabinet Electronics & Power

    5 Key things to evaluate in your automation cabinet

    Read the article courtesy of Fluke
  • Five Tips for Designing User Interface Technologies for use in Extreme Conditions

    Engineers should consider five key points when designing user interfaces for LCD use in extreme conditions.

    Read the article courtesy of Lumex
  • What it takes to design customer control panels

    Testing Functions - Case Study with Controls team at Keithly Electric

    Read the article courtesy of Fluke
  • Pre-Emptive Troubleshooting & Testing of Class 2 & 3 Alarm Circuits

    Testing Funtions - Case Study with HIS Security Systems

    Read the article courtesy of Fluke
  • Verifying Hydraulic Control System Operation with Fluke ScopeMeter 120 Series Test Tools

    Service, maintenance & installation of these electro-hydraulic systems require measurement tools that provide insight into the system circuit behavior…learn how Fluke tools can help.

    Read the article courtesy of Fluke
  • Test jumpers for nuclear power - improving human performance

    Pomona two-part jumbers & color-coded connectors help a nuclear power plant maintain the highest level of safety

    Read the article courtesy of Pomona
  • Advanced electronics make the catch less deadly

    A case study with field electronics technician testing power supplied to a radar antenna.

    Read the article courtesy of Fluke
  • White Paper: Design Solutions for Industrial Automation Systems

    Design 20W-30W Power Supplies with Over 90% Efficiency for 24V+ Industrial Automation Systems.

    Read the article courtesy of Maxim Integrated

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Industrial Grade LED Lamps

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T8 LED Light Bars to replace T8 Florescent Lamps

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TE's MT2 Signal Relays are monostable, neutral all-or-nothing Relays, encapsulated and sealed in a plastic housing

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TE's Industrial USB Connectors minimize downtime during equipment transfer with secondary locking feature, support data transfer rates of standard USB 2.0 or the 10 times faster USB 3.0, and are ideal for harsh environments with either IP20 ruggedized or IP67 sealed designs

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3M Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape: 130C (3/4'X30FT), SEALING, RUBBER, BLACK 0.75INX30FT

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Keysight Technologies U1270 Series Handheld Digital Multimeters

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Lumex Extreme Temp LCDs for Industrial Controls

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TEConnectivity Dynamic Series Connectors: Suitable for low signal to high power applications with a broad range of versatile contacts, Save time and money with a centralized modular wiring system, prevent mismating with keyed housings

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InfiniVision 4000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

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