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We stock accredited calibrated products and new instruments ready to use right out of the box from a variety of leading brands such as Keysight, Tektronix, Fluke, B & K Precision, and Tenma

Our comprehensive quality system is unmatched. Choose from multiple NIST traceable certificate options, including ANSI Z-540.1 and ISO/IEC 17025. Your instrument will have documented accuracy that immediately complies with your quality systems and regulatory requirements from the day it arrives.

To buy a pre-calibrated product on, just look for the CAL suffix added at the end of a manufacturer part number. There are three suffixes we use to indicate calibrated equipment: 'CAL' is standard, 'CAL D' is calibrated with data, and 'CAL DU' means the product comes calibrated with data and uncertainties. If there is a particular product we stock that you want calibrated but doesn't have an online option available, please reach out to our sales team for a quote at 1 800 463 9275.

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Most Popular Calibrated Products


Tektronix MDO3012 CAL

Calibrated 100MHz mixed domain oscilloscope

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Fluke 87-5


Calibrated with data true RMS DMM & resistance, continuity and diode test

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Keysight 34980A

Keysight 34980A CAL DU

Calibrated with data and uncertainties multifunction switch/measure unit with internal DMM option

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Calibration Document Management

CalWeb is proprietary web-based software designed to manage every aspect of your calibration and certification program. The software allows for managing invoices, service history, and calibration certificates. CalWeb is currently included for Newark customers and is able to track equipment from any manufacturer with full access to calibration certificates.

Exceptional Capacity & Scalability

More than 100 points of service including mobile and 1,100 highly trained experts world-wide means our unmatched suite of capabilities and services are available locally to most of the world’s research and manufacturing centers.

Service Options

Standard Calibration
(Sample Certificate Without Data)
Standard Calibration w/ before and after
(Sample Certificate With Data)
Accredited 17025 with Uncertainties
(Sample Certificate With Data & Uncertainties)
ANSI/NCSL Z540.1 CompliantXXX
ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited CalibrationX
Traceable Calibration to National StandardsXXX
Out-of-Tolerance (OOT) NotificationXXX
As Found/As Left Test DataOOT*XX
Online Electronic Certificate (DATA)XXX
Test Point Specific Uncertainty DataX
When order or quoting please add suffix to the Manufacturer’s Part No.Manufacturer’s Part No. + CALManufacturer’s Part Number + CAL DManufacturer’s Part Number + CAL DU

*For those parameters found out of tolerance

Standard Calibration
(ANSI/NCSL Z540.1)

Services compliant with this standard provide a calibration certificate with a calibration date and due date. A traceability statement is also provided. Measurement parameters not meeting the test specifications (out of tolerance) are identified and reported on the certificate.

Standard Calibration with Data
(Before/After Data)

Services compliant with this standard provide a calibration certificate with a calibration date and due date. A traceability statement is also provided. Complete before/after measurement data is included, listing the test name, measured value, and test limits for each parameter tested during the calibration process.

17025 Accredited Calibration
(with Uncertainties)

Instrumentation is calibrated in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 within our approved scope of accreditation. Accredited calibrations provide a certificate of calibration with the accrediting body’s logo on the document. The calibration date is on the certificate, calibration due date is only placed on the document when specified by the customer or contractually agreed upon. A traceability statement is also provided. Measurement data and uncertainty for each parameter tested during the calibration is included.

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