Power management helps control energy expenditures, increase safety, and mitigate environmental effects.

It provides an architecture with high integration and performance for application categories, such as storage computing, networking, telecommunications, automotive, and consumer electronics. Today's systems require the power supply design to be integrated with the system design to maintain high efficiency.

Power management ICs (PMICs) are employed for voltage conversion, voltage regulation, and battery management. They are essentially a system-in-a-package solution. A single PMIC can manage multiple external power sources, supply power to multiple loads, and shield against unsupported overvoltage & under-voltage conditions, over-currents, and thermal faults. Less power consumption under varied load circumstances, less space, excellent dependability, and a wide input voltage are some of the major needs of today's power management systems. In a wide range of applications, these criteria are driving the demand for highly efficient, wide VIN, low quiescent current (IQ) switching regulators.

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