AI Essentials

Get Started with of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Explore our curated selection of products to dive into the world of AI/ML. From beginner-friendly kits to advanced learning platforms, we have everything you need to spark curiosity and innovation. Start your AI journey today!

Raspberry Pi: Machine Vision access control with Raspberry Pi

BeagleY-AI: Making Computers Open Again

Nano 33 BLE Sense, first embedded ML application 

HUSKYLENS: An Easy-to-use AI Camera | Vision Sensor  

MAX78000: AI MCU w/ Neural Network Accelerator  

EdgeReady: Bringing machine learning and deep learning to the edge

PSoC 6 AI Evaluation Kit

SAMD21 Machine Learning evaluation kit

Professional quality lab equipment at student pricing

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Education Solutions

Continuing the learning experience for those students who’ve caught the bug, and are excited by the world of Physical Computing, these online courses with supporting products and software have been developed to help students or aspiring engineers learn about and use the latest technologies and solutions in the electronics industry.

Development platforms

Raspberry Pi

Learn to program in languages like Scratch and Python with the Raspberry Pi, a small affordable computer.

A copious amount of learning resources are available for these boards, including a guide for introducing Raspberry Pi to the classroom, curriculum support, and much more.

Arduino Advanced

Arduino technology is used to Develop. Teachers and students are using Arduino boards to learn programming and robotics, as well as to create and build low-cost scientific instruments.

With a continually increasing number of projects and tutorials, Arduino has a growing worldwide community providing accessible knowledge and support for students, educators, makers and engineers.

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These boards are low-cost computers with the expandability of today’s desktop machines, but without the bulk, expense, or noise. BeagleBoard boards simplify physical computing on advanced.

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micro:bit Intermediate

A unique pocket-sized computer system designed for both teachers and students. Micro:bit helps inspire students of all ages and skill levels to explore their creative potential through coding.

The micro:bit education program is ideal for all ages, as well as more advanced ability levels.

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Seed Studio

Browse our wide range of products from SEEED Studio, including evaluation boards, development kits, and more.

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Raspberry Pi Beginners

Browse the full range of official DFRobot products, including Single Board Computers, Gravity modules, add-on boards for many popular platforms like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit etc and educational kits.

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Further learning


Picademy is the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s free face-to-face two-day professional development training event.

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Arm Accelerated Learning

Online courses developed to teach the state of the art technologies from the Arm partner ecosystem.

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Xilinx University Program (XUP)

University level workshops comprised of presentations combined with hands-on lab exercises.

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Professional Learning

Workshops and courses that empower educators to teach with technology in revolutionary ways.

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Kitronik specializes in electronic project kits and developing a considerable amount of micro:bit accessories. Explore their innovative product range and free resources.

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CoderDojo are free, informal clubs that teach young people aged 7-17 to learn to code and create with technology.

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Education & research discounts

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WE1010EDU All-in-one educational soldering kit

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Our Guide to Resistor Color Codes

A comprehensive guide for understanding the 4-band, 5-band, and 6-band resistor color codes.

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Tektronix Equipment Guide

Download a free poster highlighting which sophisticated designs test and measurement equipment originate from.

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TE Connectivity's Crimp Quality Guide

Learn about where form meets function in crimp tooling, by examining both good and bad crimp quality. These tips explain how you can improve with ease.

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Keysight’s Oscilloscope Technical Resources

Keysight offers a broad range of free oscilloscope technical resources for engineering students. Learn about oscilloscope fundamentals and browse through step-by-step guides and tutorials, videos and online courses, posters and more.

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Building the Perfect Engineer’s Workbench

Learn about the essential tools and equipment to help set up an electronics workbench.

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PathWave Lab Operations for Remote Learning

Keysight's industry-ready remote access lab solution offers you a convenient way to make the switch to online learning.

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Work Seamlessly and Productively with Modern Test Workbenches

Download to learn more about Keysight’s new Smart Bench Essential Series teaching lab equipment.

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Oscilloscopes for Education

Rodhe & Schwarz Oscilloscopes for Educational needs.

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Technical resources

Articles, eBooks, webinars, and more.Keeping you on top of innovations.

Software solutions

Newark offers competitive prices from the leading Engineering Software distributors, with packages and licences specifically designed for both students and professionals.

LabVIEW - CAD Software for Schematics & PCB Design.

Compilers & IDEs - Compilers and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software are essential tools for writing and translating various types of code.

Stay connected

We’re a company dedicated to supporting engineering and electronics in education to help drive the industry forward. Become a member of the element14 Community and connect with engineers from around the world, participate in webinars, and gain real-world experience for the future. Learn to design, create, and program electronics at

Courses & teaching aids

Here you can find links to all the resources and guides to plan and execute your education program. All the educational platforms available from Newark element14 have an array of lessons, projects, and teaching materials with a choice of programming/coding languages to suit your target learning experience.

Raspberry Pi