Electrify and empower your business, employees and customers

You want a cleaner climate. You want to move to a zero carbon footprint.

You want to electrify and empower your businesses, employees and customers while ensuring business continuity, which means disruption is not an option. Eaton understands that. You need fast-charging Electrical Vehicle Charging capabilities so, your team can hit the road quickly.

Eaton will help you select and integrate the right electric vehicle charging infrastructure into your building so that the transition to electrification is seamless and your site can meet specific sustainability, reliability, and energy goals.

With our forthcoming comprehensive Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure solutions, these are just some of the things you will be able to do:

Leverage a modular, tested, proven and cybersecure charging infrastructure for indoor and outdoor use that mixes standard and fast charging speeds

Scale up for more capacity or power when needed

Ensure business continuity as your customers, employees and business move to electric and hybrid vehicles

Keep control of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your charger network and the total cost of mobility (TCM)

Track your fleet's electricity consumption and costs whether vehicles are on the road or at your site

Monitor the energy performance and costs of your building and securely control energy assets

Make it easy and fast to charge when your customers and employees park. Plus, get the data-driven insights you need to manage the impact of charging on your building infrastructure. With breakout intelligence and control, Eaton Green Building Pro chargers can help you minimize energy costs.

Eaton charging network manager (CNM) software

Tightly integrated electric vehicle (EV) charge stations and management software provide a robust, reliable, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage product suite for applications ranging from fleet to commercial to residential.

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