2019 National Electrical Code

Are you in Compliance?

As of October 1, 2019, the 2017 NEC is in effect in 30 states, the 2014 NEC is in effect in 13 states, the 2011 NEC is in effect in one state, and the 2008 NEC is in effect in three states.

Note: The 2017 edition of the NEC was issued by the NFPA Standards Council on August 4, 2016. The effective date was August 24, 2016, when it officially became available for adoption by federal, state, county, and municipal governmental entities.

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What is Changing?

NEC 2020 code changes look to set new standards in GFCI protection

During the recent 2020 code review, panel members of the National Electrical Code (NEC) approved changes to ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection. Those changes dramatically reduce the dangers associated with electrical hazard and shock. The most significant change is the increase of amp protection ratings across all receptacle outlets, both indoor and outdoor, wherever GFCI protection is required.

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Make Compliance Easy with These Tools

FC2 Available Fault Current Calculator

Know the range of potential fault currents where your equipment may be installed.

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SCCR Protection Suite

Design equipment for the highest available short-circuit current or with an alternate bill-of-material to address the high available fault current.

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OSCAR 2.1 Software

Calculate SCCR for your equipment, address any weak spots, and document the equipment's rating.

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On-Demand Webinar Video

Understand the requirements, plan and implement an effect SCCR strategy. Achieve compliance using the resources below!

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Recommended Products For You

BussmannTM Series Class CC Low-PeakTM fuse

Industry’s only UL® Listed and CSA certified fuse with 300 kA interrupting rating, providing ultimate protection.

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Series C and G Circuit Breakers

Molded case circuit breaker’s compact design and 200 kA interrupting rating provides space-savings and dependable protection.

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Bussmann Series with CUBEFuseTM

Delivers finger-safe 200 kA SCCR in 2/3 the space required by a traditional fusible switch.

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XT IEC contactor

Superior engineering significantly lowers cooling requirements and enables more contactors per panel, while providing 200 kA SCCR with a current limiting fuse.

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Bussmann Series Modular Fuse Holder

Finger-safe DIN-Rail mount fuse holder features 200 kA SCCR and can be used with Class CC and midget fuses.

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CT Type CurrentWatch Sensor

Self-contained sensor monitors current flow in equipment. By detecting small changes in current, it helps avoid costly repairs and mechanical problems before they occur.

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When do I need to be Compliant?

StateCurrently Adopted Edition Of The NEC
(Effective Date)
2017 NEC Adoption Status
(Effective Date)
Other Editions Of NEC Adoption Status
(Effective Date)
Alabama2014 (July 1, 2016, (Alabama Division of Construction Management)  
Alaska2017 (5/9/2018)  
ArizonaLocal adoption only   
Arkansas2017 with AR amendments (1/1/2018)   
California2014 (1/1/2017)1/1/2020 
Colorado2017 (6/1/2017)  
Connecticut2017 (10/1/2018)  
Delaware2014 (3/11/2016)Update process underway (Effective date not established) 
Florida2014 (12/31/2017)Update process underway (12/31/2020)  
Georgia2017 (1/1/2018)  
Hawaii2017 (8/21/2018)  
Idaho2017 (7/1/2017)  
Illinois2008 (7/1/11 - commercial occupancies for areas outside of local jurisdictions that have adoption authority) Not in processNot in process
Indiana2008One- and two-family dwellings -2018 IRC Electrical Chapters, based on 2017 NEC (Effective date not established) Not in process
Iowa2017 (1/1/2018)   
Kansas2008 (2/4/11 - State Fire Marshal)Not in processNot in process
Kentucky2017 (1/1/2019)  
Louisiana2014 (2/1/2018)   
Maine2017 with Maine amendments (11/6/2017)  
Maryland2014 (1/1/2015) Update process underway (1/1/2020) 
Massachusetts2017 w/MA Amendments (1/1/2017)   
Commercial (1/4/2019)
One- and two-family dwellings (2/8/2016)
Minnesota2017 (7/1/2017)   
MississippiLocal Adoption Only  
MissouriLocal Adoption Only  
Montana2014 (10/23/2014)Update process underway (effective date not established) 
Nebraska2017 (8/1/17)  
Nevada2011 (7/1/13 - Nevada State Pubic Works Division)Not in processNot in process
New Hampshire2017 with NH amendments (1/1/2018)  
New Jersey2017 (9/3/19 with 6 month grace period for new permits)  
New Mexico2017 (2/1/2018)  
New York2014 (4/6/2016 with 6-month grace period ending 10/3/2016) Update process underway (3/2020) 
North Carolina2017 (6/12/2018)  
North Dakota2017 (7/1/2017)  
Commercial (11/1/2017)
One-, two- and three-family dwellings (1/1/2016)
One-, two- and three-family dwellings (7/1/2019) 
Commercial (11/1/2015)
Residential 2015 IRC Electrical
Chapters (11/1/2016)
Update process underway (effective date not established) 
Oregon2017 with Oregon amendments (10/1/2017)  
Rhode Island2017 (8/1/2019)  
South Carolina2014 (7/1/2016)Update process underway (1/1/2020 projected) 
South Dakota2017 (7/1/2017)  
Tennessee2017 (10/1/2018)  
Texas2017 (9/1/2017)  
Commercial (7/1/2018)
2014 One- and two-family dwellings (7/1/2016)
Vermont2017 with Vermont amendments (10/1/2017)  
Washington2017 (7/1/2017)  
West Virginia2014 (8/1/2016)Not in process 
Commercial (8/1/2018)
One- and two-family dwellings (1/1/2020) 
Wyoming2017 (7/1/2017)  
Chicago2017 with Chicago amendments (3/1/2018)  
New York City2008 w/NYC amendments (7/1/2011) 2014 (effective date not established)