NEW! WXsmart Soldering Platform

The All-in-one Soldering Station for Every Soldering Task and Challenge

Connecting the Future of Soldering

Managing your complete soldering process, from tip to station, has never been easier and more productive with the first all-in-one WXsmart hand soldering platform. With the patented Total Process Control (TPC), the WXsmart offers maximum connectivity and traceability at the highest quality. The platform fully supports all IoT Standards. It is the first-hand soldering station with cyber security to prevent costly downtimes. As the world's most connected, controlled and secured hand soldering solution, WXsmart is connecting the future of soldering!

  • Highest Connectivity
  • Highest Cyber Security
  • All-in-one Station (Highest Flexibility)
  • Most powerful smart 2-channel station (300W)
  • Modularity with WXair
  • Most functional benchtop Controller
  • New User Management
  • App solutions to control the station
  • New Tip Information System with approx. 500 tips
  • Patented ESD safe & Heat-resistant screen
  • Patented RGB-Ringlight
  • Different grounding options


The WXsmart platform allows you to choose the products and accessories that are right for you and your application! Use the links below to find the products you need.


WXsmart Power Unit

All-in-one soldering station for every soldering task and challenge

300W 2 channel soldering station with the ability to connect 16 tools with no additional station needed

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If the WXsmart platform isn't for you, take a look at some of the other soldering stations that Weller offers.


WXair Rework Module

Transform your WXsmart solding station into a full all-in-one rework station

No other soldering station is ever needed, all soldering, desoldering, and hot air applications, from smallest to
largest components, are covered with the WXsmart platform

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WXMPS MS Micro soldering iron

Perfect for pico, micro and standard soldering applications from the smallest to standard component size

WXUPS MS Ultra soldering iron

Perfect for heavy-duty soldering applications


Check out our large selection on Weller soldering tips that are compatible with the WXsmart platform


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