Power Supplies & Monitoring


PROtop series: PRO TOP1 240W 24V 10A


Critical Applications. Reliable availability and energy efficiency even under adverse conditions. PROtop series is the right choice.

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PROmax series: PRO MAX 180W 24V 7.5A


The powerful switched mode power supplies PROmax are designed for demanding mechanical engineering applications. Full range of approvals.

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PROeco series: PRO ECO 240W 24V 10A


Performance of PROeco power supplies can create real competitive advantages, especially in series machine construction and standard panels.

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Power Defense Circuit Breaker


Power Defense Circuit Breakers give tremendous insight into your electrical system. The Circuit Breakers are UL and globally rated up to 2,500 amps and 600 Volts AC.

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CT Type CurrentWatch Sensor


Self-contained sensor monitors current flow in equipment. By detecting small changes in current, it helps avoid costly repairs and mechanical problems before they occur.

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Sola HD

SDU-B Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


The SDU-B Series DIN Rail UPS combines an industry leading compact design with a wide operation temperature range, enhanced communication and unique installation options.

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SDN-D AC/DC DIN Rail Power Supply (PSU)


The SDN-D high performance DIN rail power supply boasts one of the highest efficiencies available in the market today. Higher efficiency means less heat is generated, potentially extending the life of all components in the enclosure.

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ABB Energy Meters

ABB Energy meter

Energy consumption awareness is key to improve energy efficiency on your machines and electrical assets. Energy meters help identify areas for improvement to run smarter buildings in a more energy and cost efficient manner.

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DIN rail power supplies


Offering enhanced functionality while the number of different types has been considerably reduced. Now all power supply units can be operated at an ambient temperature of up to +70 °C.

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Internet Office 120V 750VA 450W Standby UPS


The INTERNET750U is a 12-outlet Internet Office Standby Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that prevents data loss and system downtime by providing battery supported AC output during brownouts and blackout conditions.

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Isolator Series Medical-Grade Isolation Transformer


The IS500HG is an Isolation Transformer with 4 hospital-grade outlets. This UL60601-1 medical-grade transformer offers line isolation, continuous noise filtering and enhanced common mode surge suppression.

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EA PS Autoranging DC Rack Power Supply


The PS offers up to 3 kW in 1U, has a TFT touchscreen display and many models feature autoranging for full power across wider testing requirements.

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EA PS/PSI Autoranging DC Bench Power Supply


The PS desktop and tower bench power supplies offer up to 1500 W, have a TFT touchscreen display and feature a waveform function generator.

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EA EL Desktop Touchscreen DC Electronic Loads


The EL desktop electronic load inputs up to 1500 W, has a TFT touchscreen display in multiple languages and features a waveform function generator.

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EA EL Tower Touchscreen DC Electronic Loads


The EL tower electronic load inputs up to 600 W, has a TFT touchscreen display in multiple languages and features a waveform function generator.

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Power Connectivity Solutions


Mini-Fit Family Power Connectors


The Mini-Fit Connector Family delivers up to 13.0A, while blind-mating and terminal position assurance options provide a versatile connector system for a wide range of applications.

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Micro-Fit Connector System


The Micro-Fit Connector family is available in multiple sizes configurations in a 3.00mm pitch with a 10.5A maximum current rating.

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MLX Power Connectors


MLX Power Connectors provide a cost-effective solution for various industrial applications in wire-to-board and wire-to-wire combinations and offer greater design flexibility in mating with existing wire harnesses, connectors and PCB headers.

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Ultra-Fit Power Connectors


Ultra-Fit Power Connectors deliver color-coding/keying options and offer the tangless terminals that allow the terminal locking mechanism to be incorporated into the receptacle housing.

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Standard .093" Pin and Socket Power Connectors


Standard .093” Pin and Socket Connectors provide a cost-effective solution for various applications in wire-to-wire and wire-to-board combinations while offering a flexible design choice for medium-power applications.

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Standard 0.062 Pin and Socket Connector Systems

0.062 pin

Standard 0.062+ Pin and Socket Connectors support up to 11.5A of current, respectively, and allow quick swapping of wired terminals for disruption-free operations in consumer, automotive and industrial applications.

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Han® S


200A & 1500V Single Pole Energy Connector.

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Han® Modular


Modular design enables engineers to create a custom connector with off the shelf parts. Options up to 300A, shielded signal and fiber optics.

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TE connectivity

Intercontec 923 Series Circular Connectors

TE 923

Offers many different connector solutions with options of 6, 8, 9 and 10 poles up to 30A at 630V

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Board-level Power Components

Cornell D

Type ALH (ALH Series AC-Rated Filter Capacitors)


Designed for harsh environments, the ALH series of AC-rated filter capacitors offer 50% greater life than competitive 85/85 THB-rated film capacitors.

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Type BLH (BLH Series DC Link Capacitors)


DC Link Capacitors for Harsh Environments. Type BLH exceeds industry standards for humidity testing, and is AEC-Q200 qualified.

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Type DSF – Supercapacitors - Power on Demand


Supercapacitors can be used for either main power, back-up power or pulse power, depending on the required discharge time and serve as a key technology for both environmental and cost reasons.

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EiceDRIVER™ isolated gate driver X3 Compact family

Gate driver

Offering up to 14 A output current capability

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MASTERGAN: High Power Density Half-Bridge High Voltage Driver with two 650V Enhancement Mode GaN HEMT


World’s first solution to integrate Si driver and GaN power transistors in one package. Enabling chargers and adapters 80% smaller and 70% lighter, while charging 3 times faster compared to ordinary silicon-based solutions.

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MAX16162: Industry’s First Glitch-Free Supervisor


Designers can now enhance system reliability in low-voltage IoT applications with the Essential Analog MAX16162 nanoPower supervisor with glitch-free power-up

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Ultra Low Profile Power Resistors

TT Resistors

The WDBR range of thick film planar power resistors on steel, offers high pulse withstand capability and a compact footprint with low profile, to many demanding applications.

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Vishay IHLP Power Inductors - Wide Range with Great Availability


The Vishay Intertechnology portfolio of IHLP commercial and industrial power inductors includes parts with DC resistance tolerance of 5%, DC resistance tolerance of 10%, low DCR, or winged terminals with a large selection of case sizes, values, and materials. Inductance values (max.) range from 1.0 µH to 100 µH.

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KPS-MCL Low-Loss High Temperature 200C SMPS Ceramic Stacked Capacitors


KEMET Power Solutions - Low loss (KPS MCL) High Temperature SMPS Ceramic Stacked Capacitors combine a robust and proprietary C0G/NPO base metal electrode (BME) dielectric system with a durable lead-frame technology

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Low TCR High Power Current Sensing Chip Resistors -ERJ-D1 / ERJ-D2 Series


Low TCR High Power Current Sensing Chip Resistors, Wide Terminal Type. High Power Current Detection In A Small Case Size

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Enclosures & Thermal Management


Eclipse Series Electrical Enclosures


Designed to enclose electrical and/or electronic equipment and protect against harsh, industrial environments for wall-mount applications.

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Medical Grade Isolation Transformer


Provides complete line isolation and noise filtering plus utilizes a Faraday shield to reduce leakage currents below UL60601-1 requirements.

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DC Axial Fan 08038RA


Rated to IP69K for harsh environments, 24Vdc fan, square 80mm x 38mm depth, Ball bearings with 91.82 CFM, operating temp up to 60C

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DC Axial Fan 09232VA


Rated to IP69K for harsh environments, 24Vdc fan, square 92mm x 32mm depth, Ball bearings with 105.94 CFM, operating temp up to 70C.

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Test & Measurement


9800 Series


A programmable AC Power Source and measurement tool

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GW Instek

GPT Series

GPT Series

A solid foundation for reliable, safe and practical safety compliance testing

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EA-PS 9000 1U Series

PS 9000

Microprocessor-controlled laboratory power supplies

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TBS1000C Tektronix's newest scopes


Designed to meet the needs of today's educational institutions, embedded design engineers, and maker community

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Power Measurement Options for 3000, 4000 and 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

X series

Enables a broad range of automated power supply characterization measurements

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2220, 2220G, 2230, and 2230G Multi-Channel Programmable DC Power Supplies


Offers an excellent combination of performance, versatility and ease of use

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