Build Better Control Panels

Your 6 Essential Steps

Innovative panel building solutions improve operational efficiency and save valuable floor space. In order to increase flexibility in manufacturing, it’s crucial to ensure that space is always available for the addition of new functionality. It is also important to build panels with new technology to significantly lower the cost of engineering – a major advantage given that these costs are estimated as almost half of the total cost of control panel installation.

Omron has devoted decades of research towards optimizing the design and construction of control panels with an eye towards improving flexibility, minimizing downtime and lowering engineering costs.

Learn the six steps from Omron to help cut costs, save time, and maximize equipment longevity.


Embrace a Slimmer Design

A slimmer design minimizes the overall panel footprint and allows panel builders to fit more functionality into the contours of a similar panel size.

Omron’s panel products are designed to help panel builders downsize their panels by 20% compared to the average panel. Businesses that take advantage of these products can benefit from space savings of up to 50% overall.


Stick to Uniform Dimensions

Predictable, standardized panel dimensions reduce dead space inside cabinets by allowing the panels to stack together more effectively.

Omron’s unified control panel designs can reduce dead space by 20 percent while simultaneously optimizing the width between wiring ducts. This improves overall space usage and helps downsize other pieces of equipment in turn.


Optimize Heat Dissipation

Improper heat dissipation can negatively impact control panel lifespan and may cause malfunctions resulting unexpected downtime.

Varying heights create dead space in panels which causes hot spots, so you can improve air circulation and heat dissipation with uniform panel heights. This will lengthen life expectancies of the panel and increases savings and reduces downtime.


Improve Vibration Resistance

Transportation and operation both cause control panels to experience significant amounts of vibration that can cause damage.

To avoid this damage, Omron developed, Push-In Plus, a robust wiring technology with secure grip that has a pull-out force of 125 N as compared with 112 N for a screw terminal block.


Make Wiring Simple & Secure

Wiring can be time-consuming and ensuring proper pull-out force can require a significant amount of effort.

Omron’s Push-In Plus technology utilizes a spring mechanism to provide a robust, firm grip that keeps wires in place with high pull-out force and low insertion force.


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Innovations in Panel Building

Value Design

Products Provide Competitive Advantages

Specifications for Value Design products focus on uniform mounting height and depth, reduced overall volume and side-by-side mounting to make room for more capabilities, and wiring capabilities without tools using front access Push-In Plus wiring terminals to decrease installation time.


Simple & Easy Wiring for Panel Building

Terminal blocks with push-in plus technology help simplify wiring. It requires less insertion force and keeps wires firmly in place.


Innovating the Panel Building Process with Faster Wiring

Unified wiring methods and specifications help shorten delivery times. Easy-to-understand terminal positions enable more accurate work.


Space saving

Omron can help you downsize control panels by reducing the width between wiring ducts and dead space. This provides additional space to mount devices and can help improve airflow within the cabinet resulting in better heat dissipation.

Your Recommended Product Families

Panel Mount Relays

Omron’s vast lineup of relays can match the right relay to any application.

UPS Panel Power Supplies

Omron power supplies help save space in the panel while providing reliable power for your application.

Safety Solutions

Omron offers a variety of safety products that are used in equipment and around facilities.

Featured Products

G3PJ Solid-State Relay

Single-phase SSR with built-in heat sink that is able to carry 25A and be close mounting of other panel components.

Features & Benefits

  • SCCR of 10kA (UL508)
  • Surge pass protection improves surge dielectric strength for output currents
  • Both push-in plus and screw terminal available

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S8VK-X Power Supply

A power supply that combines maximum functionality with our smallest footprint.

Features & Benefits

  • Real time monitoring of power supply life
  • Ethernet/IP connectivity
  • Digital display available for local information
  • Power Boost function at 150% (240W and 480W)

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A22N Pushbuttons

22mm and 30mm lighted and non-lighted pushbuttons that are very customizable for your panel.

Features & Benefits

  • Variety of color and bezel options with aesthetic design
  • Mounting depth less than 45.3mm below panel
  • Snap-in switch unit for quick and easy, tool-free assembly

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