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The "Right Tool for the Job" – Steinel Heat Guns

What we do best is to work with end users to find out what we can do to make their job easier, their work faster and enhance or compliment the quality of a finished product. All the right reasons, right? Doesn’t the saying "The Right Tool for the Job" make a lot of sense? Especially in a day and age where product and technology leaders rank based on the products they offer with the features and benefits they provide and don’t forget quality has to top the list! Not just another "me too" Steinel has been manufacturing a complete line of Heat Tools ranging from Industrial, Electronic Thermocouple Control, Blowers, Precision ESD, Professional and DIY products since 1959. The name Steinel is synonymous with Quality—it is what sets us apart from other manufacturers. Time is money as any professional and tradesperson will tell you. Offered now through Newark is Steinel’s complete line of heat tools and accessories. Real time information offered online with Newark.

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