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Variable Frequency Drives

VFD offers a powerful combination of safety, reliability and simplicity with numerous out-of-the-box features for building more effective machines.


A single provider and a simple choice. Discover a unique offer that minimizes the number of references to stock. The combination of proven expertise and high-performance features makes Harmony units a complete solution.

Lights/Beacons/Signaling Devices

Signaling devices, including tower lights, beacons and audible alarms, provide operators reliable status indication and voice guidance.

Zelio Plug-in Relays

A complete range of general purpose industrial relays, sockets and accessories. Zelio™ plug-in relays optimize design flexibility, expedite installation and simplify maintenance.

TeSys Deca Contactors

Available in 13 contactor ratings for inductive motor applications up to 150 full-load amps and resistive loads up to 200 amps. Includes base models: non-reversing contactors (LC1D/LP1D), reversing contactors (LC2D), and star delta starters (LC3D).

Circuit Breakers

The PowerPact® line of molded case circuit breakers set the standard in circuit protection, delivering class-leading size, performance and features.

TeSys Deca Motor Circuit Breakers

The new generations of TeSys Deca Motor Circuit Breakers offer a complete solution for almost any application. It provides short circuit protection, overload protection, motor (ON/OFF) control.

TeSys Deca Overload Relays

TeSys Deca overload relays (Formerly TeSys LRD). The TeSys Deca bimetallic overload relays directly mount to TeSys D Contactors to form extremely compact starters.

Motor Disconnects

Designed for perfect integration in control systems allowing for use in the most demanding applications. x

Limit Switches

This entire range is designed for easy product selection, installation and maintenance. Included in this limit switch product offer are a compact, classic, miniature, and industrial ranges to cover all your industrial application needs.

XML Pressure Sensors and Switches

The XMLR incorporates a monitoring interface as a part of the pressure sensor. The ZMLP display can be used to connect to our XMLP pressure transmitter for remote applications.

Inductive Proximity Sensors

Provides best in class quality and immunity to harsh industrial environments. For non-contact detection of metal objects up to 60mm, featuring the latest in high performance technology.

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Automatización y Control de Procesos

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