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has been contributing to the advancement of culture through the supply of good products and manufacturing based on our corporate objectives set forth since our founding. Although the business environment has changed dramatically, this idea has remained unchanged, having been passed down from generation to generation as part of our DNA. And to reaffirm this unwavering corporate objective and clarify our mission within the new social infrastructure, we formulated a Statement and Management vision.

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New Products

SiC MOSFET low RDSon , Fast switching, 15V & 18V gate-source voltage

Intelligent Power Device BV1LE / BM2LE

AEC-Q100 1 & 2 Channel, 40V smart low side switches

ECO GAN - GNP Series

EcoGaN™, 650V E-mode Gallium-Nitride(GaN) FETs,

Nano Cap Series

Nano Cap™, QuiCur™ - Fixed Regulators for Automotive

Best Sellers
BD9G500UEFJ-LAE2 4069548

7V to 76V Input, 5A Integrated High-Side MOSFET, Single Buck DC/DC Converter

1200V 15A, FRD Built-in, Automotive Field Stop Trench IGBT

RU1J002YNTCL 2706684

0.9V Drive Nch MOSFET. Suitable for Low Current consumption

1SS355VMTE-17 2916477 / 2913841

High-speed switching, 80V, 100mA, Switching Diode

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SiC MOSFETs/Diodes

High breakdown voltage, low power consumption, and high-speed switching operation not provided by conventional silicon devices. SiC MOSFETs 1700V/3,7A, 1200V 10 to 40A, 650V/29A SiC SBDs 1200V/5A to 40A, 650V/6A to 40A

H-bridge Driver ICs

Contain a VREF variable function that contributes to lower power consumption and greater efficiency. In addition, multiple built-in protection circuits (i.e. thermal shutdown, overcurrent, overvoltage) protect the IC and load from damage while ensuring a high degree of reliability. PWM signal input compatible (100kHz max.), 7V: BD621x Series, 18V: BD622x Series, 36V: BD623x Series

Chip LEDs

Industry-leading PICOLED™ series of thin, ultra-compact LEDs (1006size, t=0.2mm) optimized for portable devices such as smartphones and wearable tech. High brightness and reliability Standard EXCELED series enabled by original device technology.

Automotive Memory

ROHM serial EEPROMs are non-volatile memory optimized for data retention, available in a range of interfaces, package types, and storage capacities.

LCD Drivers

ROHM LCD Drivers are suited for Small Display applications. Suitable for displays ranging from 48 to 528 segments. Also available with AEC-Q qualification


The BD9G101G is switching regulator with integrated internal high-side 42V Power MOSFET. It provides 0.5A DC output with small SOT-23 package

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