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Richtek Technology Corporation is one of the world's leading analog IC companies. The company consistently delivers inventive power management solutions that improve the performance of consumer electronics, computers, communications equipment, industrial and automotive applications. Richtek adds value to end equipment by synthesizing technological innovation, uncompromised quality, and devotion to customer service. Founded in 1998, the Company is headquartered in Taiwan with additional offices in Asia, the U.S., and Europe. Merged by MediaTek In 2015, Richtek has broadened its product range by leveraging MediaTek’s platform leadership and experience. Richtek aims to further expand IC offerings to provide competitive power management products to the market.

Featured Products

60V Buck Converter

The RT6204 from Richtek is a 5.5V to 60V input, 0.8V to 50V output, 0.5A synchronous step-down converter, housed in a SOP-8 thermally effective package. The wide input range in combination with high step down capability makes it suitable for virtually any industrial application range, from battery fed automotive to 12V/24V/48V industrial supplies.

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12A Buck Converter

RT6242 is a high current buck converter featuring ultra low (12mΩ/5.4mΩ) Rdson MOSFETs. It is capable of delivering up to 12A load current. Its 4.5V-18V input range makes it suitable to be run from 5V or 12V supplies, and the output can be adjusted between 0.7V-8V. Richtek's propriety ACOT control topology delivers ultrafast transient capability, and is stable with low ESR MLCC output capacitors. It comes in PSM and Force-PWM versions and features programmable current limit, adjustable switching frequency, adjustable softstart and PGood in a compact UQFN-16JL 3x3 package. Highly suitable for powering FPGA, SoC and other low voltage high current rails.

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Flexible LED driver

RT8462 is a multi-topology LED driver controller which can be used in buck, boost and buck-boost configurations with output (LED string) voltages up to 60V. The IC max input voltage is 36V, but the power stage can be fed from higher voltages. Accurate average LED current sense, Analog / PWM / PWM to analog dimming options, adjustable switching frequency, adjustable softstart and overcurrent / overvoltage protections make this a flexible choice for a wide range of LED driver applications.

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