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Browse Newport Electronics range of quality panel instruments including signal conditioners, panel meters, thermocouple and RTD temperature probes, pressure transducers, load cells, transmitters and controllers all stocked by Newark.

As the chosen distributor for Newport products, Newark offers direct access to the entire Newport Electronics portfolio, plus expert custom capabilities, everything you need to build powerful, stable, high-quality designs.

Newport Electronics products support a variety of signal inputs including: process/DC voltage & current, strain, temperature from thermocouples, RTD's, and non-contact infrared detectors, frequency, pulse, AC voltage & current, analytical measurements including pH, and much more.

Get all of your Newport Electronics products at Newark along with fast delivery, convenient online shopping and friendly customer service and technical support.

Newark is an authorized Newport distributor.

Featured Products

Newport iSeries PID Controllers

The universal temperature and process instrument comes with 2 control or alarm outputs. Dual display indicates a setpoint along with the process value.

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Newport 1/8 DIN Process Meter

The INFINITY-D model IDP is an economical, user-friendly panel meter which can be scaled without the use of an electronic calibrator.

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Newport iSD-TC Temperature Monitor

The Newport® iSD-TC provides web-based temperature monitoring in critical equipment and locations such as computer server rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, museums, warehouses, or any remote facility.

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Newport High Performance Pressure Transmitters

Newport’s PX309 Series high-performance, general purpose pressure transducers use two state-of-the-art silicon technologies.

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Newport Stainless Steel S Bam Load Cell

High-accuracy "S" Beam Load Cells with 5-Point NIST calibration, all stainless steel for harsh industrial applications.

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Newport Thermocouple Probes

Newport's M12 thermocouple probes are a convenient way to measure the temperature in your process. These thermocouple probes are available as Type-K thermocouples with Inconel 600 sheaths, or as Type-J thermocouples with 304 stainless-steel sheaths.

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