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IDEC is a global manufacturer of automation and control products with locations throughout the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. IDEC is known for electromechanical control products such as relays, timers, and switches, as well as, automation products such as Micro Programmable logic controllers, power supplies, and touch screen displays.

IDEC offers an industrial switch or indicator for almost any applications with terminations including solder / quick connect terminals, screw terminals, or PC board pins for direct board mounting. IDEC also manufactures emergency stop switches with an innovative “safe break action” design, which utilizes a reverse energy structure to ensure that the NC contacts will open if the emergency switch is damaged.

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Featured Products

FT1A SmartAXIS controllers

FT1A SmartAXIS controllers are available in 12, 24, 40, 48, I/O CPUs and 3.8" HMI+ PLC 65K co¬¬lor TFT resistive or monochrome touchscreen.

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PS5R Standard Power Supplies now 15% off

Remote text display panel, extended retentive data memory, 4 built in 5kHz fast inputs

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World's First Expandable Power Supplies

PS6R series compact units pack big performance into remarkably small spaces. Add a 10W DC-DC converter unit or add two branch terminals – without sacrificing efficiency or performance.

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E-stop with Safe Break Action Technology

XW Emergency Stop switches provide greater levels of human safety. New additions include a smooth button, which resists dirt buildup, making it ideal for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.

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CW Switches Add Style to Any Panel

With the shortest depth behind the panel in its class, this series provides a high level of safety in a space-saving package. The addition of dual contact blocks means users can switch up to six separate contacts from a single CW operator, increasing flexibility.

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Adaptadores y Módulos Inalámbricos

Automatización y Control de Procesos

Cables, Alambres y Ensambles de Cables

Carcasas, Racks y Gabinetes

Componentes para Iluminación LED


Herramientas y Suministros para Producción

Optoelectrónica y Pantallas

Productos de Iluminación

Productos de Oficina, Cómputo y Redes

Protección de Circuitos

Protección de Líneas Eléctricas

Relevadores e Interruptores (Switch)

Seguridad y Audio Visual

Sensores y Transductores

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Nuevos productos de Idec

Adaptadores y Módulos Inalámbricos

Automatización y Control de Procesos

Protección de Líneas Eléctricas

Relevadores e Interruptores (Switch)

Sensores y Transductores

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IDEC PS6R – Power Revolution

60 Years of Excellence

Datasensor SmartVision Sensors

Hardware Connectivity


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