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HARTING, based in Germany, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative, durable and reliable products like industrial connectors, communication solutions, board-level and I/O connectors, sensors, cable assemblies and backplane systems. Newark stocks a broad range of HARTING products, created at the highest technical standards and quality, to meet the needs of your projects.

Since 1945, HARTING has been providing problem-solving solutions to professionals in manufacturing, transportation, medical, energy, broadcast, and communications fields. HARTING has been a pioneer of both rectangular and circular connections with products that deliver performance that stands the test of time.

HARTING's full range of Industrial Ethernet Switches and accessories is designed to deliver unique performance and includes everything from wire to outlet boxes to hubs and more. The HARTING collection of innovative HA-VIS eCon unmanaged switches offer a fully integrated RFID solution, developed for speed and reliability.

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Han® Configurator tool for industrial connectors

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Han® Configurator tool for industrial connectors

Harting Configuration Tool

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With decreased time in project schedules and the increased need for flexibility and space optimization, HARTING's modular solutions are a perfect fit!

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Han 1A Compact and Robust Connectors

The Han® 1A offers a compact, robust and universally deployable rectangular connector system for transmission in all lifelines of Industry 4.0 (data, power, signals). Smaller and smaller drives are also requiring smaller and smaller interfaces, e.g. in engineering and robotics. The new connector series reflects the trend with matching housings and inserts. The necessary shielding for the motor connection can also be achieved with Han® 1A plastic connectors.

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ES Press Inserts

Designed for the toolless connection of single wires and the SMT/SMC-reflow-soldering process. har-flexicon® ensures an efficient processing for both the device production and the device installation.

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 T1 Industrial Mating for Single Pair Ethernet

The T1 industrial® connectivity solution was designed to be the standard interface for industrial Single Pair Ethernet applications. The product ranges from IP20 to IP67, and currently there are metric variants (M8 and M12), with further variants on the product roadmap. To fit all applications and truly be the standard for industrial applications, the mating interface was designed to be the same and interoperable across all IP-ratings.

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Han-Eco B

The new connectors of the Han-Eco® B series provide valuable time advantages for equipment using the Han B® industry standard. For installation, both ends of the cable harnesses can be rear-mounted from the inside of the switch cabinet into the bulkhead-mounted housing.

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HARTING DIN 41612 Signal & Power Connectors

HARTING DIN 41612 connector family comprises the industry's widest range of DIN 41612 Signal, Power, Mixed, 64 VME 64x, and DIN 41612 Shell Housings and Accessories. HARTING DIN 41612 connectors can be custom-loaded to suit any application.

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