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(GCT) is an established manufacturer of world-class PCB connectors and cable assembly solutions. Companies worldwide trust the extensive product range of GCT to enable connectivity within their designs. Their drive for product innovation has led to unique connectors that help customers with specific requirements, ensuring they stay at the forefront of their industries.

Featured Products
SIM Card Connectors

GCT’s range of SIM card connector products for Nano (4ff), Micro (3ff), and Mini (2ff) SIM cards conform to GSM11.11 standards. Available in push-push, push-pull, and hinged card insertion types.

USB Connectors

A comprehensive selection of USB connectors is available in Full size, Type C, Micro, and Mini interface types.

USB Type-C Charging Connectors

The GCT charging connector range provides the fast-charging capabilities of USB Type-C at a cost-effective price. For applications where charging is the primary function for a USB connection, the GCT charging connector range truly makes Type-C a real option over other popular USB types.

Waterproof USB Connectors

The IP67 waterproof connector range from GCT brings together high performance electronic connectors with excellent IP rated sealing.

Board-to-Board Connectors

Pitches ranging from 0.8mm to 5.08mm, selectable pin lengths, and insulator heights. Mating receptacles with various heights in top, bottom or dual entry configurations.

Memory Card Connectors

Push-push style, Push-pull style & Hinged style connectors suitable for Micro SD Cards.

FFC/FPC Connectors

Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) and Flat Printed Circuit (FPC) connectors in 0.3, 0.5 & 1.0mm pitches, horizontal and vertical orientation and numerous locking styles.

DC Power Jacks

PCB mounted DC power jack connectors are small cylindrical connectors with a central metal pin.

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