Acerca de DIODES INC

Diodes Incorporated is a global leading supplier of discrete, logic, and analog semiconductors. Diodes Incorporated manufactures products that address the design needs of electronic devices such as laptops, digital audio players and cameras, game consoles, portable GPS, LCD and LED displays, set-top boxes, mobile handsets, smartphones, tablets, lighting, and power supplies.

Diodes Incorporated has a diverse product portfolio with applications suitable for the consumer electronics, computing, communications, industrial, and the automotive markets. Key product offerings include diodes, rectifiers, transistors, MOSFETs, ESD protection devices, functional specific arrays, single gate logic, amplifiers and comparators, Hall-effect and temperature sensors, and power management devices including LED drivers, AC-DC converters and controllers, DC-DC switching and linear voltage regulator, and voltage references along with special function devices.

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Lista de productos de Diodes INC

Adaptadores y Módulos Inalámbricos

Componentes Pasivos

Componentes para Iluminación LED

Cristales y Osciladores

Protección de Circuitos

Semiconductores - Discretos

Semiconductores en Circuitos Integrados (CI)

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