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A wholly-owned subsidiary of Littelfuse Inc., Carling Technologies  

is a leading manufacturer of electrical switches and circuit breakers. Carling products are used worldwide in diverse industries including appliance, datacom/telecom, medical, transportation, industrial controls & factory automation, and commercial facilities control. You'll find hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, rocker switches, toggle switches, pushbutton switches, and much more from Carling, in stock today at Newark.

Featured Products
R-Series Curvette single pole rocker switches

This switch is an aesthetically pleasing miniature snap-in switch. Due to the patented mounting ear design, this is compatible with a wide range of standard panel cutouts.1-Pole; Max rating of 16A 125 VAC & 10A 250 VAC. UL, CSA & VDE approvals.

G-Series toggle switches

These switches feature a slow-make, slow-break contact mechanism. They are AC-rated and are also suitable for low-voltage DC-rated applications. These switches are available in a wide range of momentary and maintained single throw or double throw circuits, terminations, and bushing/toggle configurations.

TI-Series Tippette® rocker switches

The TI-Series Tippette® rocker switches are available in single pole (TIL), double pole (TIG), three pole (TIH), and four pole (TII) versions. This traditionally styled rocker switch is available in sealed or unsealed versions. 20 amps 125-277Volts AC & 10 amps 250Volts AC max rating; UL CSA VDE (for select circuits) approved)

V-Series Contura® sealed rocker switches

Carling's V-Series Contura® sealed rocker switches are well known for their cutting-edgeV-Series single or double pole switches are offered with an eight design, high quality, maximum performance and unmatched reliability.V-Series single or double pole switches are offered with an eight or ten-terminal base. An optional plug-in terminal connector enables the pre-wiring of your wire harness.

C-Series Sealed Toggle Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers

The C-Series is a compact circuit breaker delivering high amperage and voltage capability while offering the most extensive agency approval options. This robust circuit breaker employs a unique arc chute design, which allows for interrupting capacities of up to 10,000 amps, reducing nuisance tripping on high amp loads.

A-Series Sealed Toggle, Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers

The A-Series is designed for precise operation across a broad range of general purpose and full amp load applications.The compact size can be complemented by a Visi Rocker® or a recessed paddle actuator when front panel operation requires a clean design. The sealed metal toggle configuration is ideal for harsh environment applications.

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