Bourns is a top manufacturer of quality potentiometers, circuit protection devices and semiconductors for your project with a huge selection of parts available at Newark. For over sixty years, Bourns has been providing engineering professionals in the portable, automotive, medical, consumer telecommunications and industrial spaces with quality solutions.

Bourns has a vast product offering of fixed resistors, switches & relays, inductors, sensors & transducers and much more. Bourns is the recognized pioneer of the trimpot and continues to innovate to set industry high standards. Bourns is fully committed to providing value to customers.

Newark stocks over 8000 Bourns products with 24/5 live chat available.

3540S/3541H precision potentiometers

10 Turn, Wirewound/Hybrid Precision Potentiometers gangable with common or concentric shafts.

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Thick Film molded DIPs

Now available with improved tolerance to ±0.5%.

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Non-Contacting Analog Rotary Position Sensor

Non-Contacting Analog Rotary Position Sensor.

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1100 Series High-Current RF Chokes

Semi-shielded construction, miniature size, low profile-1.8mmmax. Ideal for DC/DC converters, notebook computers, digital video cameras, HDDs, cell phones, LCDs & more.

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TBU high speed connectors

Low capacitance dual bidirectional high-speed protection components constructed using MOSFET semiconductor technology and designed to protect against faults caused by short circuits, AC power cross, induction and lightning surges.

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PTC resettable fuses

Ideal for almost any application where is a low voltage power supply and a load to be protected, including general electronics, computers & peripherals and automotive applications.

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