Long-term surge protection

Power surges can cause serious damage to your electrical appliances leading to loss of functionality, and sometimes degrades the quality of the device over time.

In certain cases, surge voltage can lead to electrical fires damaging or even destroying the entire houses. In today’s world, protection against lightning and surge voltages is imperative when it comes to the construction of increasingly sensitive installations and power systems.

A specific concept of complete protection from power feed-in via distribution through to end user guarantees safety against dangerous surge voltages of any kind. This is ensured by the VARITECTOR PU AC series. With its high-performance products, it provides advanced protection against surge voltages.

The VARITECTOR PU AC is compliant with standards without limitations, fully compatible, space-saving and innovatively designed for easy assembly and installation. It offers sophisticated advantages for long-term surge protection, secures your systems, and builds infrastructure with end-to-end protection. The VARITECTOR PU AC series offers sophisticated advantages that make operation safer and easier.

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Featured products

Lightning & Surge protection VPU I

Class I SPDs for lightning protection and equipotential bonding in energy grids. Combined varistor/spark gap technology for leakage current free products.

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Surge protection VPU II

Class II SPDs for energy grids. Supports all common energy grids like TNC, TNCS, TNS and TT for 230/400 V or 400/690 V Systems.

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Terminal device surge protection VPU III

Compact Type III arrester for AC/DC protection acc. to IEC 61643-11 with 2 port SPD type III that protects electronic devices up to 16 A.

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