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Customer Success: Powerful Protection, Significant Savings

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Saves Thousands by Choosing Tripp Lite To Protect Its Network

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance is an insurance company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Offering auto, home, life, business and farm insurance, the company has approximately 450 agents and 1,200 other employees at 135 field offices throughout the state.

Project Goal

Following an upgrade that added new servers and routers to Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance field offices, Network Services Manager Keith Cook decided to replace the UPS systems at each office. He realized that his upgraded network needed a stable power platform and infrastructure, including a higher level of power protection.

Power problems were a particular concern because they could cripple such critical functions as voice/data communications and Internet access, and corrupt or erase important data, all of which would disrupt customer service.

“Every office, for a variety of reasons, has the potential to lose power,” Cook noted. “If that happens, the infrastructure would also go down and we’d lose application access that’s vital to the company’s day-to-day operation.”

Cook’s goal was to secure the new network infrastructure against costly downtime, damage and data loss by upgrading to a state-of-the art power protection solution.

Cook first considered working with APC, since Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance was already using that company’s UPS systems at its field offices. But APC’s pricing proved to be out of line with his budget, so he began to look for another UPS manufacturer. A recommendation from the reseller who’d handled the network upgrade led him to Tripp Lite, and a meeting soon followed between Cook and Lynn Cox, Tripp Lite District Manager for IN, KY & MI.

After consulting with Cook to determine which Tripp Lite solutions would best meet the power protection needs of Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance, Cox provided a SmartOnline™ UPS System (Model SU3000RTXR3U), a Web Management Accessory Card (Model SNMPWEBCARD), and a Power Distribution Unit (Model PDU2430) for evaluation at the company’s corporate headquarters in Indianapolis

After observing the performance of the evaluation units, Cook determined that Tripp Lite solutions could supply the high level of power protection required for his company’s mission-critical servers. Better still, Tripp Lite’s price was approximately $80,000 lower than the price originally quoted by APC. Based on the results of the evaluation and the lower price, Cook chose Tripp Lite to supply power protection for Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s upgraded network infrastructure.

“I felt that the solutions they sent for our evaluation performed in a way that completely validated Tripp Lite’s power protection technology,” said Cook. “That performance, along with the substantial amount of money that Tripp Lite would save us, was why we chose Tripp Lite to replace our APC UPS systems.”


SU3000RTXR3U 3000VA True On-Line UPS System

  • Protects servers from the harmful effects of blackouts, brownouts, overvoltages and line noise
  • Converts incoming AC power to DC, and then reconverts it back into full-time pure sine wave AC output
  • Provides battery backup power to ensure continued operation of vital systems, enable data saves and facilitate orderly system shutdown
  • Communication ports and included PowerAlert software provide complete power network management and control


  • WEBCARDLX - New Java-free version of the SNMPWEBCARD
  • Enables the UPS to be remotely controlled as a managed device on the network
  • Web interface provides remote viewing of site electrical data, UPS self-test and alert logs, electrical problems and more
  • Permits remote reboots of locked devices without interrupting power to other loads

PDU2430 Power Distribution Unit

  • Provides 24 5-15R AC outlets (12 front/12 rear)
  • Switchless design prevents accidental shutoff


Installing Tripp Lite UPS Systems in every field office enabled Keith Cook to provide Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance’s new network infrastructure with the highest level of power protection against downtime, damage and data loss — at a savings of $80,000 over the price quoted by APC.

“Before our field office stabilization project, there was no real uniformity in each field office regarding servers, infrastructure equipment or UPS systems. Now that each office has a Tripp Lite UPS System, Web Management Accessory Card and PDU in its network closet, I’m confident that our infrastructure is better managed and better protected. When Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance needed a reliable and costeffective power protection solution for every one of its offices in Indiana, Tripp Lite delivered as promised!”

Keith Cook | Network Services Manager at Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

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