We're More Connected Than Ever

with the Internet of Things

Work, home, or on the road...

Every day, the world is becoming more connected.

Everything from the phones in our pockets and the homes we live in to the ways we travel are linked to massive networks of data. Sensors, connectors, and antennas designed and manufactured by TE Connectivity (TE) help keep those networks from going offline by keeping them connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is the network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software and sensors. Connected devices create greater value and service by capturing and exchanging data with its user or other connected devices to ultimately improve processes and become more efficient.

Connecting the Internet of Things

Information Capture

Smarter devices aren’t possible without data. TE’s sensor solutions monitor and control even the most sophisticated applications, and help deliver information with speed and efficiency.

Power Delivery

TE’s connector and component designs marry form and function and are rigorously tested to enable power to flow safely and efficiently wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Adaptive Network

TE’s connector and sensor combinations add intelligence to high-performance networks to enable optimal operations and maintenance. These components are instrumental in helping to keep The Internet of Things online.

Enabling the Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 – A Sense for Innovation

Factories are becoming increasingly “smart”— more automated and efficient. TE is on the front lines of this revolution, providing solutions unlike anything on the market.

Ulrich Wallenhorst, CTO TE Industrial, explains how TE’s solutions can help you prepare for Industry 4.0.

Get Started with IoT

AmbiMate MS4 Series Sensor Modules

AmbiMate sensor module MS4 series provides an application specific set of sensors on a ready to attach PCB assembly for easy integration into a host product.

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Standard Antennas

Antenna designs accommodate many sets of frequency bands for operation on any network — in both regional and global markets – at a competitive price point.

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Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Sensors

TE sensors like TESYS, HUD, and Thermopile IR play a crucial role in enabling the IoT. Discover sensors that are designed to accurately sense and measure for your IoT application.

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Industrial RJ45 Connectors

With TE’s common core design, the Industrial RJ45 connectors can be applied in IP20 environments and in the field without tools. For design flexibility, straight and angled plugs are available.

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Industrial Mini I/O Field Installable Connector

Industrial Mini I/O Field Installable connector provides innovative and time-saving wire-termination alongside serving as a space saving and reliable I/O solution for industrial environments.

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M8/M12 Connector Systems

M8/M12 Connector System for machine automation and control applications safely and allows the reliable communication in industrial environments.

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