Connected, Low-Power Healthcare Devices

Design Medical Wearables with Cypress PSoC 6 MCUs and Honeywell Pressure Sensors

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The foundation of future smart healthcare systems is built on low-power, intelligent, connected medical devices such as Medical Wearables that measure blood pressure, rhythm, and other health diagnostics. Cypress, the leading supplier for IoT processing and connectivity, in partnership with Honeywell, the one-stop for all sensor and switching requirements, provides a unique Medical Wearable solution utilizing the ultra-low-power, dual-core PSoC® 6 MCU with BLE 5.0 as well as Honeywell Pressure Sensors that enable enhanced accuracy, stability and reliability for the most stringent medical requirements.

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PSoC® 6 BLE Pioneer Kit

Features the PSoC 63 MCU with BLE 5.0, CapSense®, a 2.7” E-ink Display Shield, and EZ-PD™ CCG3 Type-C

Key Features

  • Ultra-low-power, dual-core PSoC 63 MCU with integrated radio supporting BLE 5.0, 1MB of Flash, 288KB of SRAM, 78 GPIO
  • 2.7” E-ink Display Shield with on-board thermistor, 6-axis motion sensor, and digital microphone
  • Featuring 2 CapSense® buttons, a CapSense 5-segment slider, and proximity sensor

Key Benefits

  • BLE 5.0 development is made easy using PSoC Creator and the BLE component
  • 80+ IoT example projects available to help engineers get started designing with the PSoC 63 MCU
  • Arduino compatible so can add off-the-shelf shields to expand hardware functionality
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Honeywell Sensor Evaluation Kits (SEK001 & SEK002)

Allows users to quickly evaluate various Honeywell pressure, humidity and particle sensors, works in conjuction with Arduino™ Uno

Key Features

  • Quick and easy sensor evaluation 
  • Free evaluation software eliminates the need for software development prior to any sensor evaluation
  • Sensors can be mounted directly on SEK or connected via jumper cables etc.
  • Plug and play, install and use within 2 minutes

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective: Provides a cost-effective way to learn about the capabilities of our sensors so customers can make better informed component decisions faster
  • Expedites development: The Sensor Evaluation Board allows customers to test their product, which helps customers shorten their development process
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PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit

Features the PSoC 62 MCU as well as a certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo module powered by Cypress

Key Features

  • Ultra-low-power, dual-core PSoC 62 MCU with 1 MB Flash, 288 KB of SRAM, and 104 GPIOs
  • Certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Combo Murata 1DX Module (LBEE5KL1DX) powered by a Cypress chipset supporting 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN + Bluetooth 4.1/EDR/BLE connectivity
  • A TFT display shield board that provides users with a 2.4” TFT display, a light sensor, a 6-axis motion sensor, and a digital microphone

Key Benefits

  • Enablement of design with the ultra-low-power PSoC 6 along with industry-leading WICED wireless connectivity
  • Ability to develop in both PSoC Creator and WICED Studio
  • Onboard module powered by Cypress’ CYW4343W is fully certified so enables fast time-to-market
  • Arduino compatible so can add off-the-shelf shields to expand hardware functionality
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Honeywell MicroPressure

MRP Series board mount pressure sensors provide industry leading performance, accuracy and reliability with 24-bit digital output

Key Features

  • Proprietary Honeywell technology
  • Ultra-small form-factor and lightweight
  • High accuracy, resolution & stability
  • Pressure range: 40 mbar to 2.5 bar
  • Liquid media compatible

Key Benefits

  • Enhances equipment performance/accuracy
  • Enables new designs and new applications
  • Low cost pressure measurements
  • Ideal for medical, industrial and consumer applications
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Contains a dual-core architecture, industry-leading low power consumption and built-in security

Key Features

  • Architecture consists of Arm® Cortex®-M4 and Cortex-M0+ cores on a single chip
  • Built on an ultra-low-power 40-nm process technology with active power consumption as low as 22‑µA/MHz for the M4 core and as low as 15‑µA/MHz for the M0+ core
  • Incorporates a hardware-based root-of-trust and hardware-accelerated cryptography
  • Programmable analog and digital peripherals

Key Benefits

  • Bridges the gap between expensive, power-hungry application processor and low-performance MCUs
  • Delivers extended battery life without sacrificing performance
  • PSoC MCUs offer best-in-class flexibility enabling the addition of new features of unique IoT products
  • PSoC 6 MCU is not a security liability in a IoT device
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Honeywell NBP Series–Uncompensated/Unamplified

Our low pressure sensors designed for customers who require a simple, cost-effective, basic performance, mV output, unamplified, uncompensated, high quality, infinite resolution solution for medical and industrial applications

Key Features

  • Cost-effective sensing solution
  • Frees up PCB space, reduces costs
  • Excels in tough environments with dry and wetted media
  • High quality, high resolution solution

Key Applications

  • Hospital beds
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • HVAC Transmitters
  • Air movement control
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