4 Essential Steps to Cut Down on Maintenance Costs and Downtime

Take advantage of these four strategies from Omron to reduce maintenance costs, minimize downtime and increase productivity.

1.Choose Low Maintenance Technology

Many devices in your factory can be replaced with easier-to-use, maintenance-free versions. For example, you can use battery-free pushbuttons to maximize layout options while making battery status monitoring and replacement unnecessary.

Wiring is also a process that you can simplify with the right technology. Terminal blocks that reduce wiring effort while making wiring status visible can help you save time and money.

2.Boost Predictive Maintenance With Sensors

The right sensors will provide exceptional support for your production line. This essential technology has the power to monitor your operations and catch potential issues well before they become an actual problem.

Today’s most advanced sensors feature extended sensing distances that help reduce collision-associated downtime. They also boast IO-Link connectivity for improved data collection and condition monitoring.

3.Keep Thorough Tabs On Your Motors

Motor failure is a common cause of downtime, as any industrial facility is likely to have a motor driving its conveyors, fans, compressors, pumps and other devices. Monitoring this critical technology is key.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to schedule periodic motor maintenance. Instead, you should invest in technology that continuously monitors your motors and alerts you to potential degradation well ahead of time.

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4.Select a Power Supply with Data Visibility

The power of data visibility might not be immediately apparent, but will dramatically improve your production. Today’s most advanced power supplies have far-reaching capabilities that support maintenance and reduce downtime.

For instance, the right power supply makes machine status visible around the clock and stores the data for future analytics. You can also take advantage of compact designs to save space.

Featured Products

A2W Wireless Pushbutton

Thanks to its reliable wireless communication, the A2W eliminates many restrictions in layout design because it needs no physical wiring. Since it’s battery-free and runs on its self-generated power, the pushbutton requires zero maintenance whatsoever.

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E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors

This powerful sensor family improves predictive maintenance through better condition monitoring. In addition, the exceptional sensing range reduces collision-related downtime while the sensors’ IP67G rating ensures that they will last longer in harsh environments.

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K6CM Motor Condition Monitoring Device

The K6CM makes it easy to continuously monitor motors and maintain them in advance – before an impending failure actually occurs. The device enables you to understand the motor's maintenance timing requirements without depending on an engineer.

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S8VK-X Power Supply

With the S8VK-X, machine status is visible 24/7, information is on display for individual machines and production site locations, and historical data is available for analytics. In addition, its compact design saves space and its Push-In Plus terminals speed up wiring.

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XW6T Common Terminal Block

The XW6T helps downsize control panels, improving the design process and saving space for additional functionality to a panel in the future. Wiring is made easy, with wires held tightly and reliably in place thanks to Omron’s advanced Push-In Plus technology.

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