AVR64EA48 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit

Take your next idea to market with a development board that you can keep in your pocket. With full programming and debugging capabilities, the AVR64EA48 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit offers complete support for your next design.

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Murata DFE2016 Series SMD Power Inductors

Murata DFE2016 Series compact, high-current 0806 size Metal Alloy inductors for automotive

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MSX Series MSX Magnesense® Differential Pressure Transmitters for use in building control applications

Series MSX Magnesense® Differential Pressure Transmitter combines the stability and versatility of the original Series MS2 Magnesense® II transmitter for use in building control applications

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The NEW PicoScope® 6000E Series

The PicoScope 6000E Series fixed-resolution and FlexRes oscilloscopes provide 8 to 12 bits of vertical resolution, with 500 MHz bandwidth and 5 GS/s sampling rate. Eight analog channels have the timing and amplitude resolution you need to reveal signal integrity issues such as glitches, runts, dropouts, noise, distortion and ringing.

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PCIE-1841-A. Data Acquisition Card, 16Channel, 18Bit, 1MSPS, PCI Express, 0 °C to 60 °C

PCIE-1841 is a 16-channel simultaneous sampling module,maximum 18- bit resolution, a sampling rate of 1MS/s for each channel, maximum input range of +/ -20V, and selectable digital filters. They are suitable for high-speed dynamic signal-sensing scenarios.

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