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Featured Products

PBPA — Aluminum Rack Panels

PBPS — Steel Rack Panels

  • Constructed of 8-gauge (0.125") 5052-H32 Aluminum (PBPA) or 14-gauge steel (PBPS)
  • Fits standard EIA-310-D compliant rails
  • Install in unused rack space to improve both cooling efficiency and prevent air re-circulation
  • Finished in smooth powder paint or unfinished



RSUS/RSVS — Sliding Rack Shelves

  • Constructed of 16 gauge steel
  • Easily gain access to non rack mountable equipment in a server cabinet or 4-post rack rack
  • Requires two (2) pairs of mounting rails
  • Heavy duty ball bearing slides included
  • The slides feature a stopping mechanism, preventing the shelf from accidentally falling out of the slide tray
  • Up to 130 lbs (59.9 kg) in weight capacity
  • Rugged textured powder paint finish

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RAS — Universal Rack Shelves

  • Constructed of 14 or 16 gauge steel
  • Universal design mounts to any standard EIA compliant rack or cabinet
  • Allows easy rack mounting of equipment or items that do not have rack mounting capabilities
  • Mounts to rack rails either as an internal shelf or external shelf/work area
  • Available in either vented or solid versions
  • Rugged textured black powder paint finish

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RSLIDE — Rack-Mounted Slides

  • Four post mounting equipment slides
  • Heavy duty double rail, ball bearing type equipment slides
  • Sold in pairs
  • Mounts two (2) pairs of 19" mounting rails

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1584-S — 15A Heavy Duty Surge Strip

  • Built to meet the rugged requirements of commercial and industrial use
  • All metal housing - tough extruded aluminum case with a black powder paint coated steel cover.
  • Heavy duty NEMA 5-15R receptacles
  • Mounting feet (with keyhole slots) allow temporary work station mounting if desired
  • On-Off switch is rocker type with pilot light (on units with on-off switch). A red pilot light is used to indicate power on (on units with no switch)

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RMxU — Rack-Mounted Instrument Enclosure

  • Strong construction yet light weight using all aluminum components
  • Knockdown design ships un-assembled for easy handling and shipping protection.
  • Strong construction
  • Can be used with or without rack mounting brackets (one pair included)
  • Front & rear panel are interchangeable
  • Enclosure is finished in rugged, textured, black powder paint
  • Includes top, bottom, sides, self adhesive rubber feet, rack mount brackets and all assembly hardware

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RMC — Rack-Mounted Instrument Case (economy version)

  • Uses all machine screw & PEM nut construction, perfect for applications where repetitive assembly and disassembly are required
  • Light weight design - all aluminum, type 5050 H32 for easy modification
  • Easy access to inside, only 4 screws need to be removed from any of the 6 panels for internal access
  • Knockdown design ships unassembled for easy handling and shipping protection.
  • Note: Panels are not grounded to frame due to powder coat finish. Grounding method to be determined by user.

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FT — Rack-Mounted Fan Trays

  • Standard 19" rack mount
  • Compact and economical rack cooling solution
  • Fan trays can be positioned at the bottom of a rack to force air through the cabinet, at the top to exhaust air out or below specific pieces of equipment for spot cooling
  • Choice of two operating voltages 115VAC (or 220VAC) - both 50/60 Hz., thermally protected, ball bearing fans
  • Circuit breaker protected
  • Low profile 1.75" (1U) of panel space

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RASA — Rack Support Angles

  • Constructed in 14-gauge steel
  • Angles mount on accessory rails with either leg or both used as support
  • Slots allow up/down and front/back adjustments
  • Sold in pairs
  • Requires two pairs of combination or accessory mounting rails
  • Finished in textured black powder paint
  • Requires mounting hardware
  • Tested to nearly double the suggested load rating of 200 lbs

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RMAD — Rack-Mounted DIN Rail Panel

  • Constructed of 14-gauge steel
  • Mounts to standard EIA 19" rack rails
  • Provides 8.38" of adjustable depth for DIN rail-mounted equipment
  • Slots allow sides/back allow for cable pass through
  • Finished in rugged textured black powder paint
  • Knockdown design ships unassembled for easy handling and shipping protection

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Modification Made Easy

We offer standard, modification or complete customization of electronic enclosures for all of your industrial automation and control needs. Check out the variety of electronic enclosures made from plastic, metal, NEMA polycarbonate, ABS, die cast, fiberglass, and steel.

Available Enclosure Modifications

  • Custom finishes, paint colors, or silk screening
  • Custom drilled or tapped holes or cutouts
  • Special packaging
  • Pre-installed accessores
  • Custom hinges
  • Custom handles
  • Custom size
  • Offering unique shapes & sizes at low tooling costs
  • Offering EMI/RFI shielding on plastics

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