Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation provides dramatic increases in process repeatability, precision, and product quality. Many of the products we enjoy today could not even be built without Industrial Automation.


Featured Industrial Automation Products

Relay Controller
Eaton Smartwire-DT System

Replace conventional control wiring with a single continuous flat cable. Connects motor starters, pushbuttons, and indicator lights.

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PLC & Touchscreen Kit
Sola Power Supply

SCP Series Switching Power Supplies Low Profile DIN Rail or Chassis Mount.

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Definite Purpose Contactor
Hammond Enclosure

Designed for use as instrument enclosures, electric, hydraulic or pneu matic control housings, electrical junction boxes or terminal wiring enclosures.

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Wireless Limit Switch & PB Station
Honeywell Limit Switch

Honeywell Limitless switch solutions connects a wide range of limit switches and operator pushbutton stations without wire.

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Smartwire-DT System
Belden Wire

18 AWG pairs stranded (7x26) bare copper conductors, twisted pairs, PVC insulation, overall Beldfoil® shield (100% coverage), PVC jacket.

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Industrial Automation Training


Industrial Automation Applications

With thousands of IA products in our portfolio, you will find a wealth of products to help you with your Industrial Automation projects. Extensive product training, system configuration, application notes, and other pertinent information are contained here. Popular approaches to control are covered, including programmable control (PLC), temperature and process PID control, variable speed drive control, and even electromechanical relay, timer, and counter control. Sensors, operator interfaces, and other I/O devices frequently used in Industrial Automation systems are also covered, as well as a broad variety of accessories.