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is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance connector solutions and cable assemblies. ODU advanced connectors ensure reliable transmission of power, signals, data, and media for a variety of demanding applications, including medical technology, military and security, automotive, industrial electronics, and test and measurement. ODU combines all relevant areas of expertise and key technologies, including design and development, machine tooling and special machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly, and cable assembly. Read More

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Smaller – Lighter – Faster: ODU AMC® High‐Density can have up to 27 contacts with a diameter of 7mm. High-density connector: up to 70% weight & size reduction and high-speed data transfer rates. ODU AMC® High‐Density ensures a long service life and excellent shock and vibration resistance even in the harshest environments.

A sterilizable push-pull connector in a plastic housing. Due to its space‐saving design, high contact density, and right-angle options, the ODU MEDI‐SNAP® ensures top performance even in the smallest available space. We offer flexible complete systems consisting of push‐pull or break‐away connectors, cables with suitable assembly and mechanical or optical coding.

Individually configurable metal circular connector with three locking options (push-pull, break-away, and screw lock) that mate to a three-in-one receptacle design. ODU AMC® Series T offers even greater robustness and flexibility for all proven applications. Choose the appropriate locking system, size, cable connection, insert, and number of contacts to suit your requirements.

ODU's MINI-SNAP® L series is an ideal self-locking circular connector for a wide range of applications due to its robust metal housing and wide range of sizes. It has a push-pull locking mechanism for easy and secure mating and demating. IP50 protection, up to IP68 on select panel receptacle housings, up to 5,000 mating cycles, 2 to 40 contacts, and mixed configurations are possible with 12 mechanical coding options. The ODU MINI-SNAP® L series can be terminated in solder, crimp, and PCB.

ODU AMC® NP is one of the world's most recognized connectors, standardized on various Dismounted Soldier Systems. Due to its easy handling and robust break-away design, this connector is ideal for military and security power applications. You can also choose to have your connector expertly assembled to your specifications.

ODU's MEDI‐SNAP size 3.5 plastic circular connector with push-pull locking is a highly reliable and flexible solution that can accommodate up to 41 contacts in a small installation space. Additional features include being lightweight, IEC 60601-1 2 MOPP and 2 MOOP compliance for maximum patient and operator protection, and multiple signal, power, and fluid options combined in one interface.

MINI-SNAP® K series is an ideal self-locking circular connector for a wide range of applications due to its robust metal housing and wide range of sizes. Whether used for transmitting power, signals, data, or other media, this push-pull locking connector solution has a mechanism for easy and secure mating and demating.

Designed especially for military and security technology. An extremely robust and light-weight metal circular connector series. The ODU AMC offers flexibility for all system engineers.

ODU MINI-SNAP® F series Push-Pull circular connectors feature half-shell coding. The advantage of these connectors is that they allow blind mating, an ideal solution for reliable connections in hard-to-access areas.

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