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    is a leader in automated test and measurement systems that help engineers solve the world’s toughest challenges. NI offers modular hardware, software, services, and systems that help you test faster, design better, improve reliability, and maximize your test data. Read More

    New Products
    PXI/PCIe Reconfigurable Instrumentation

    Provides combinations of analog I/O and digital I/O in a single PXI module with a user-programmable FPGA for onboard signal processing and custom system timing and synchronization.

    PXI Controllers

    PXI Controllers provide a high-performance, compact embedded computer solution for PXI, CompactPCI, and PXI Express systems and come with standard features such as an integrated CPU, hard drive, and more.

    PCIe and USB DAQ Devices

    The Multifunction I/O Device features I/O with varying channels, sample rates, output rates, and other features to meet many common measurement requirements.


    PXI Oscilloscopes are flexible, software‐defined instruments that are versatile enough for both time‐ and frequency‐domain measurements and deliver the benefits of the PXI platform.

    Digital Multimeters

    PXI Digital Multimeters or DMMs feature AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, 2- or 4-wire resistance, and frequency/period measurements, as well as diode tests.

    CompactDAQ Chassis

    CompactDAQ Chassis feature USB, Ethernet, or WiFi connectivity and come in multiple slots to create a mix of analog I/O, digital I/O, and counter/timer measurements.

    CompactRIO Controllers

    The CompactRIO Controller is a rugged embedded controller ideal for applications that need waveform acquisition, high-speed control or signal processing, and more.

    C Series Input and Output Modules

    Provides digital input and output capabilities for CompactDAQ or CompactRIO systems. The C Series Digital Module interacts with a range of industrial switches, transducers, and devices.


    LabVIEW offers graphical programming that helps you visualize every aspect of your application, including hardware configuration, measurement data, and debugging.


    TestStand is test management software that helps you develop, debug, and deploy test systems and provides full visibility into testing process and results.


    DIAdem is data management software for measurement data aggregation, inspection, analysis, and reporting.


    With FlexLogger, you can build flexible and scalable data-logging systems with NI data acquisition hardware and no programming.

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    Equipos de Pruebas y Medición

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