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Industrial IoT

Newark and Eaton can help you design an Industrial IoT Strategy – Eaton Brightlayer IoT platform

Whether you are a design engineer, process engineer, facilities engineer, end user, machinery builder, OEM, or work in the maintenance department of your organization – you can help your organization with better, faster and more accurate data that is actionable. The electrical system is like your blood stream – if the current jumps up – something bad is happening (motor jam, short circuit, machine bearings failing, etc.) – if the current drops off (something bad might be happening – belt broke, gear drive shaft broke, etc.). Eaton’s Power Defense Circuit Breakers, XTOE & C440 Overload Relays, and complete line of AC Drives gives you this information .Eaton’s Brightlayer software gives it to you in a usable form.

Recommended Products For You

Power Defense Circuit Breakers

Power Defense Circuit Breakers give tremendous insight into your electrical system. The Circuit Breakers are UL and Globally rated up to 2,500 amps and 600 Volts AC. Many communication options available.

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XTOE & C440 Overload Relays

Eaton's Industrial IEC Motor Control – Overload Relays, Contactors and Starters are built to handle customer's rugged environments. XT Series is built for applications from 1 to 2000 amps. Able to communicate critical information to an IoT system.

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DM1 and DC1 AC Drives

Eaton's DM1 and DC1 AC Drives provide significant energy and cost savings. The DM1 and DC1 drives provide speed control and significantly reduce electrical costs. They are available in both Single and Three phase applications.

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Easy-E4 Nano-PLC’s

The Easy-E4 family of Nano PLC’s has an easy to use programming interface and with 8 inputs and 4 outputs expandable to 320 I/O – it can easily solve your automation needs.

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M22 Pushbuttons

Eaton's M22 Pushbutton Series is low cost and built for the most demanding industrial applications. The M22 family of Pushbuttons, Emergency Stops, Pilot Lights, and Selector Switches is one of the broadest and most engineered pushbutton families in the industry.

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SL7 and SL4 Stacklights

Eaton’s SL7 and SL4 Series Signal Lights have high output LED’s , continuous or flashing light modules, audible alarms with 9 different mounting options provide maximum flexibility in design.

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