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DC / DC Converters are type of power supply that takes in typical inputs like 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V etc. and convert them to different voltages like 3.3,5, ±5, 12, ±12, 15, ±15 & 24V DC at various power levels.

We offer an extensive selection of isolated and non-isolated DC / DC Converters from companies like Aimtec, Artesyn, CUI, GE Critical Power, Murata, Multicomp Pro, Recom, TDK Lambda, Traco Power, XP Power, Wurth Elektronik for users to select from. Products can be selected based on verticals like Gate Drives, ITE, Medical, Railway and industrial applications.

DC / DC Converters are available in various form factors like DIP, SIP, POLA, DOSA. Half-Brick, Full-Brick, 1/8th Brick, 1/16th Brick form factors and with multiple mounting options like DIN rail, chassis, and PCB (surface mount and through hole), enabling seamless integration into different applications.