Browser Integrated Search

Search our products from your browser’s search bar.

Add Newark element14 as a search option in your browser search bar to search our website for products, manufacturer part numbers and datasheets.

How it works


For Firefox Users - Click the Google icon in the Firefox search box. A drop down menu appears and you can select Newark element14.


For Chrome Users - Type in your keyword of choice (example here is "Newark") you need to specify the keyword when installing - see instrucion on the right.

The search has now changed to search Newark element14.


For Internet Explorer Users - Enter the search term for Newark element14 in your IE address bar then click the Newark element14 icon.

Easy to install

Install the Integrated Search for your preferred browser.

Internet Explorer v8 and above

Just click 'Ok' when the pop-up appears.

Download for IE

Firefox v7 and above

Just click 'Add' when the pop-up appears.

Download for Firefox

Chrome - All versions

In the pop-up ONLY change the KEYWORD to 'Newark' or to a keyword of your choice. This keyword is used to activate our search when typed into your browsers' address bar.

Download for Chrome

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