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  • The importance of efficient transportation has always been framed by the needs of society. Any country’s transport system is a crucial and a strategically important long-term investment that must be capable of adapting to the changes in demands from commuters and commerce.

    Meeting the increasingly stringent requirements of the transportation industry means suppliers must be committed to quality assurance at every stage of design, test and manufactures. The Bel Group understands this and provides a wide range of unique products to meet international standards - Integrated Connector Modules (ICM), Enclosures, Resettable PTC, and more.


    PTCs - Mirrors, windows, door locks, seats, sunroofs, audio, cameras, cabin lighting, virtual dashboards
    ModICE - Agriculture & heavy equipment
    ICM - Automotive based media converters, ethernet gateways, multiplexers
    Melcher - Railway
    RJ45 Connectors - Radar based driver assistance systems, driver-assistant cameras, media converters and gateways