RoHS 10-Step Quality Assurance Policy

Possibly the most difficult aspect of RoHS is being able to show that your products comply. Find out how we can help you with this critical step.

Newark's RoHS Quality Assurance Policy: Mitigating the risks of RoHS

At Newark, we are taking steps to identify our products that are RoHS compliant. As a distributor, we start by collecting RoHS data from our suppliers to pass on to our customers. In addition, we have worked with our sister distributor in the UK, Farnell, to develop a rigorous 10-step due diligence process intended to further help mitigate the compliance risk for both our customers and ourselves. These are the steps we take:

  1. All RoHS compliant parts are physically segregated from non-compliant parts at our warehouse.
  2. We assign unique Newark stock numbers for each RoHS compliant part, even if the manufacturer does not change its part number, to be sure you can track compliant products in your system.
  3. RoHS data is collected from our manufacturers and compared to product datasheets and other sources for accuracy.
  4. Each of our manufacturers is rated using a risk assessment process that evaluates the quality of the compliance information it provides to us. This is a dynamic process, and manufacturers will be reassessed at regular intervals and/or when an event triggers a need for reassessment.
  5. Manufacturer quality risk designations for each of our suppliers are compiled for quick reference and access for our internal use.
  1. To verify the reliability of the RoHS data furnished to us, we may ask manufacturers for additional conformance statements and independent test results, or even conduct our own third-party tests.
  2. When parts are received at our warehouse, we inspect their markings to make sure that they conform to the compliance information in our database.
  3. If a discrepancy is found, we contact the manufacturer to resolve the issue. If that part is found to be non-RoHS compliant, we also advise any customer who purchased the part, after the date we flagged it as RoHS compliant.
  4. A Newark Certificate of Compliance may be requested for any RoHS compliant part purchased from us. Look for this symbol in your product search results on our website, then click on the symbol to download a Certificate of Compliance for that product. Certificates of Compliance
  5. Careful audit trails are kept to support the accuracy of the Certificates of Compliance we issue.

Certificate of Compliance

You can download an element14 certificate of compliance for any part that we have designated as RoHS compliant. Backing up each certificate is a complete audit trail including documents from the manufacturer that have been evaluated.

See more details about downloading certificates.

View a sample certificate.

Managing your RoHS compliant inventory

Product Label

We provide an item-level product label on the innermost packaging for each part we ship, indicating its RoHS status, manufacturer part number, Newark stock number, and your customer number (if included).

Packing List

We designed our perforated packing list to serve receiving, stockroom and accounting functions. Peel-off bin labels are incorporated on the list for each item, with critical information: manufacturer part number, Newark element14 stock number and bar code, customer part number (if included), RoHS status and part description.