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As an industry leader, we offer a complete selection of test and measurement products and solutions from bench to handheld to all the accessories you need. We bring you the latest innovations from brands like Keysight Technologies, Fluke, Keithley, Tektronix and more. Enjoy expert technical support and hassle-free returns when you order at Newark element14.

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Fluke Connect
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Keysight Technologies

Agilent's Electronic Measurement Group is now Keysight Technologies


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Keysight Technologies

The U3606B provides a great value in reducing the cost and bench space required for 2 popular tools.

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Stop searching and start solving issues faster with Fluke Visual IR Thermometers - now with new, lower pricing!

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Transient Voltage Suppression Diodes

Learn More about the latest 6-in-1 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope.

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Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) evaluate the quality of power on its input of a device or panel, available in either in single or three phase models.

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signal generators

Signal generators, also known variously as function generators, arbitrary waveform generators, or frequency generators generate repeating or non-repeating electronic signals. They are used in designing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing electronic or electroacoustic devices.

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Source Measurement Meters

Source–measurement meters (SMU), as the name indicates, is capable of both sourcing and measuring voltage, current, and resistance at the same time.

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The most popular Oscilloscopes available for immediate delivery.

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For bench top applications, we offer the broadest selection of Bench Power Supplies.

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Transient Voltage Suppression Diodes

Shop the broadest selection of Digital Multimeters available for immediate delivery.

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Featured Products

Fluke Calibration

The 8845A/8846A feature a unique dual display that allows you to measure two different parameters of the same signal from one test connection. The 8508A is an 8.5-digit resolution instrument designed specifically for metrologists

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Transient Voltage Suppression Diodes
Fluke Calibration

These industrial temperature loop calibrators are perfect for performing transmitter loop calibrations, comparison calibrations, or simple checks of thermocouple sensors. Your choice of inserts are sold separately.

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Fluke Calibration

Whether working outdoors in environments where potentially explosive gases may be present or on the floor of a processing plant, intrinsically safe, battery-operated, portable reference thermometer is designed to go where you work.

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AC6800 Series Basic AC Power Sources


The Keysight Technology AC6800 Series basic AC sources provide a new, basic AC source alternative with just the quality and capability you need. The AC6801A offers:


  • A complete AC and DC power and measurement solution
  • A simple, intuitive user interface tested over time that allows you to easily access and view setup and measurement information directly from the front panel or programmatically
  • Flexible IO to meet your needs – LAN/LXI-Core and USB interfaces standard, and GPIB is optional, or choose an analog interface board as described above
  • Lower cost of ownership – backed with global support and the longest standard warranty


  • Simple tasks such as simulating global AC power conditions
  • Testing varying frequency and voltage combinations to simulate real-world conditions
  • Power factor correction testing and similar AC + DC applications (for example, test your input circuitry to look at ripple voltage)
PSoC4 Pioneer Board

FLK-Ti90/95 Industrial-Commercial Infrared Cameras


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Built with Fluke Connect™ with ShareLive™ video call is the only wireless measurement system that lets you stay in contact with your entire team without leaving the field. The Fluke Connect™mobile app is available for Android™ (4.3 and up) and iOS (4s and later) and works with over 20 different Fluke products—the largest system of connected test tools in the world. And more are on the way. Go to the Fluke website to find out more.

The Fluke Ti95 and Ti90 Infrared Cameras can save you time and money by finding potential problems before they become costly failures.


  • Brilliantly detailed quality images. Up to 84% better spatial resolution than other competitive models* and view on a 32% larger screen
  • Automatically focus from 1.2 m (4 ft.) and beyond with IR-OptiFlex™ Focus System and as close as 15 cm (6 in) in manual mode
  • Instantly improve thermal sensitivity from 100 mK to 80 mK when industrial, electrical and building application flexibility is needed with TiR™ mode—2 cameras in 1s


  • Electrical, insulation and thermal measurements for motors and drives
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Energy Loss
Discover Wi-Fi Board

2260B Series Multi-Range Switching DC Power Supply


Source a wide range of voltages and currents with the 360W Model 2260B-30-36 or the Model 2260B-80-13 Programmable DC Power Supplies. For higher power requirements, output up to 720W with either the Model 2260B-30-72 or the Model 2260B-80-27 DC power supplies. All four instruments have constant power outputs to provide a flexible range of voltage and current output combinations.

The 360W supplies can output as much as 30V or 80V or as much as 13.5A or 36A, while the 720W supplies can output twice as much current, 72A and 27A, with the same maximum voltage outputs.


  • Environmental test, stress test, and accelerated life testing
  • LED and high power component testing
  • Automotive testing
  • Battery research and test
  • Production test
Power Supplies

MIT Series 5/10/15kV Insulation Resistance Testers


Megger’s range of MIT insulation resistance testers are targeted at original equipment manufacturers and industrial companies. The top of the new range MIT1525 performs insulation resistance tests up to 15 kV with a 30 TΩ maximum resistance and an accuracy of ±5% from 1 MΩ up to 3 TΩ


All four instruments test the insulation resistance of:


  • High-voltage power cables and high-voltage buses
  • Large motor/generator windings
  • Line and substation transformers


The MIT525, MIT1025 and MIT1525 also perform spot tests, step voltage tests, dielectric discharge tests, ramp tests, and dielectric absorption tests for the following applications:


  • Acceptance testing at installation to check conformance tospecifications
  • Routine preventive/predictive maintenance testing after installation
  • QA testing as part of the manufacturing process
  • Diagnostic testing to isolate faulty components for repair
Embedded Pi Triple Play Platform

TBS1000B Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope


The TBS1000B Digital Storage Oscilloscope Series provides you with affordable performance in a compact design. Packed with standard features - including USB connectivity, 34 automated measurements, limit testing, data logging, frequency counter, trend plot and a context-sensitive help menu - the TBS1000B Series oscilloscopes helps you get more done, in less time.


The TBS1000B-EDU Digital Storage Oscilloscope Series is designed specifically to meet the needs of today's schools and universities. It's the first oscilloscope to use an innovative new Courseware system that enables educators to seamlessly integrate teaching materials onto TBS1000-EDU oscilloscopes.


The Courseware information is presented directly on the oscilloscope display and can be used to provide; step by step instructions, background theory, hints and tips or an efficient way for students to document their lab work. The instrument includes a 7-inch WVGA TFT color display, up to 2 GS/s sampling rate, bandwidths from 50 MHz to 200 MHz, dual channel frequency counters and a 5 year standard warranty, just a few of the features that make the TBS1000B-EDU the industry's best value entry level oscilloscope for educational activities.


  • Automotive
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Control
  • Education