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  • Heat-Shrink Tubing: The Versatile Tools for Maintenance and Repair

    Think of heat-shrink tubing as the duct tape for electrical wiring on the factory floor. Heat-shrink tubing is versatile, easy to use, and finds wide applicability in maintenance and repair. Heat-shrink tubing can be used for preventive maintenance to avoid problems, and it is a wonderful tool for making minor repairs to cables and connectors.

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  • Ecowire: Fully Recyclable Hook-up Wire

    A new alternative wire insulation to PVC offers better performance and significantly less environmental impact. Although PVC insulation is a mainstay of the wire and cable industry due to its mechanical and electrical properties and its low cost, it presents environmental issues due to its halogen content. Halogens are elements such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine that are highly reactive and can be harmful to people and animals.

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  • Robust Ethernet Infrastructure

    Industrial Ethernet connects the office with the plant floor by utilizing a single cabling platform with Ethernet connectivity and IP addressing. This convergence of open, standards-based Ethernet communications provides all the advantages of secure, seamless interoperability among manufacturing enterprise networks — from corporate offices to the shop floor — and enables Internet and enterprise connectivity, anytime and anywhere.

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  • Principles and Advantages: When is fiber the ideal choice for your network?

    Fiber optic cable is one of the fastest-growing transmission mediums for both new cabling installations and upgrades, including backbone, horizontal, and even desktop applications.

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