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  • Understanding Power Needs for Industrial Control Devices

    Industrial control is a designation for the devices that interface with machinery such as welders, mixers, generators, lathes, and packaging machines. Unlike most of the information technology (IT) arena, which focuses on machine-to-human interfaces, industrial control focuses on machine-to-machine interfaces of the type found in factories, building-control systems, mines, and other highly-mechanized environments. Typical of industrial-control machinery is the programmable logic controller (PLC), a computer used for the automation of a wide range of mechanical processes from the machinery on factory assembly lines, to HVAC systems, to theme-park rides.

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  • Understanding the risks to your network and how to choose the right solution

    Your company, like many others, has a sizable investment in computer networks: hardware, software, and customer-related information. You also have a significant investment in the people and processes that support the mission-critical applications you depend on daily to run your business. But one electrical anomaly—one good zap to your network—can sideline this entire segment of your company’s operation. Computer networks are electrical systems. Network devices rely on steady, even power— as Goldilocks would say, “not too much, not too little, but just right.

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  • Process Calibration Tools: Temperature Applications

    Tools that enable you to calibrate temperature, pressure, flow and electrical sensors, transmitters and gages products in-situ and in I&C and I&E shops.

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