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View our range of digital, handheld and PC based Oscilloscopes

We have Oscilloscopes for different levels starting with models aimed at educational use, through to high frequency Oscilloscopes with touch screen LCD displays. Choose between 2 channel and 4 channel inputs and analogue, digital and isolated options. The typical bandwidth ranges from 40MHz, 60MHz, 100MHz to 200MHz and beyond, with sample rates varying from 1GSPS, 5GSPS, 50GSPS, 100GSPS to 500MSPS.

Most purchased Oscilloscope models:

TDS2024C, DPO4104B, TDS3034C, TDS2012C, TDS2014C, DPO7254C:10RL, DPO2024, TDS2022C, MSOX3024A, DSOX3014A, FLUKE-190-062/AM, DPO2014

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