New Products

RADLOK low profile, quick release high power connectors

Low insertion and extraction forces with high mating cycle rating Versatile, low profile, right angle design makes it ideal for use in automotive, heavy equipment, power/battery storage, hybrid-electric systems, power interconnect and factory automation markets

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TSX Series Precision Rail to Rail Operational Amplifiers

Offers high precision functioning with low input offset voltage. Low input bias current performance makes the TSX Series perfect when used for signal conditioning in sensor interface applications.

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Electronic pressure sensors OsiSense XM Pressure sensors with 4-digit display, type XMLR
Schneider Electric

OsiSense XMLR is one of the most compact pressure switches onthe market. The high precision and performance of OsiSense XMLR pressure sensors makes them suitable for numerous industrial applications requiring pressure/vacuum display, control or regulation

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TBS2000 Series Oscilloscopes

9 inch WVGA display with 15 horizontal divisions, for 50% more signal viewing and longest record length in its class, at 20M points

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Altium CircuitStudio now 1/3rd the Cost
Omron IA Panel Build E5CC Temp Controller
PSW Series DC Power Supplies
UL Rated Power Cords

Featured Boards and Components

Pulse Discharge Capacitors

KEMET’s Industrial Grade Pulse Discharge Series surface mount capacitors in C0G Dielectric deliver reliable high voltage and high temperature performance required for operation in harsh environments, specifically discharge circuitry

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FT905Q-T 32-Bit Microcontroller

The FT90x series includes the FT905, FT906, FT907 and FT908 which are complete System-On-Chip 32-bit RISC microcontrollers for embedded applications featuring a high level of integrationandlowpower consumption.

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Latest 5mm round white LEDs

These round LEDs provide extremely stable light output over long periods of time. Made with an advanced optical grade epoxy offering superior high temperature and high moisture resistance in lighting and illumination applications.

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Featured Industrial Engineering Products

Stripax(r) ULtimate

V-shaped blades for stripping tough insulation The world's first self-adjusting wire stripper with adjustable stripping length up to 1" (25mm) allows accurate processing of wire for use with ferrules of special length used in push-in technology and when using twin wire ferrules

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NT series Sealed Toggle Switch

Selection, Speed, Service. All Found Here. Meets NEMA 3, 3R, 4 and 13 as well as IP67 and IP68 Selection, Speed, Service- meet severe environment application needs for a rugged, cost-effective toggle switch.

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Ergonomic Cable Tie Installation Tools

Increases productivity and promotes worker safety The GTS-E tool installs subminiature (8 lbs.) through standard (50 lbs.) cross section cable ties. The GTH-E tool installs standard (50 lbs.) through heavy (175 lbs.) cross section cable ties.

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Featured Test and Measurement Products

EPM and EPM-P Series Power Meters

EPM Series: measure average power over a range -70 dBm to +44 dBm, and over frequency range 9 kHz to 110 GHzEPM-P Series: measure peak, average and time-gated power over -65 dBm to +20 dBm, to 18 GHz using E932XA power sensors. It provides complete pulse and statistical analysis with PC software via the GPIB or RS232

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DM-5 Power Quality Analyzer

At half the size of previous models, the compact Amprobe DM-5 Power Quality Analyzer combines the rugged reliability of the DM-III with modern high performance technology. The DM-5 brings speed and efficiency to power quality jobs ranging from routine maintenance to in-plant troubleshooting of individual machinery and power distribution panels.

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7510 Series 7 1/2 Digit Graphical Digital Multimeter

Precision Digital Multimeter, Touch Screen Display, and High Speed, High Resolution Digitizer create an Industry first - A Graphical Sampling DMM.

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