New Products

mangOH Green

Industrial-grade WPx5 based open hardware platform for IoT applications

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TCJ Series Tantalum Polymer Chip Capacitors
AVX Polymer

Key features: conductive polymer electrode reduces ignition failure mode; low ESR and 3x reflow 260°C compatible

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Ultra-Fit™ Power

17% reduction in pitch over similar power connectors! Eliminate same-circuit-size cross mating, optimize space savings and reduce terminal back-out with low mating force, high density Ultra-Fit(tm) Power Connectors.

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Fieldfox Handheld RF and Microwave Analyzers

Measure with confidence from 4 to 50 GHz - precise measurements agree with benchtop results

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LMR140xx Simple Switchers
NPA 201 Digital Output Absolute Pressure Sensor Evaluation Boards
Zero Smog fume extraction solution
NEW! USB Type-C Connectors and Cable Assemblies
Intel® Edison Board for Arduino*

Featured Boards and Components

LDC0851 Differentially Compensated and Highly Accurate Inductive Switch
Texas Instruments

Inductive sensing technology provides reliable and accurate sensing even in the presence of dirt, oil, or moisture making it ideal for use in harsh or dirty environments.

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SAM E70 - high-performance ARM Cortex-M7 core-based MCU

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CST0612 4-Terminal Current sense resistor family

Offers low resistance values of 0.5 mΩ to 2 mΩ and can handle a maximum power rating up to 1W.

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Featured Industrial Engineering Products

5 amp / contact

Full size Industry Standard Circulars - Full IP67/68 - Fully shielded

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Hydro Net Connector System

Specifically designed for smaller AWG application. Incorporates an integral latching system that ensures a definitive electrical and mechanical connection.

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Fits standard 35mm DIN Rail. Multicolor LED with input status and alarm indicator with Integrated over-temperature protection.

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Featured Test and Measurement Products

Fluke 1660 Series Multifunction Installation Testers

Help prevent damage to connected appliances. Wirelessly e-mail results from the field.

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N9000B CXA X-Series Signal Analyzer, Multi-Touch

With the N9000B CXA you can perform most operations in two steps or less using the streamlined, multi-touch user interface. To ensure measurement integrity and repeatable results, the same proven algorithms are used in every X-Series signal analyzer.

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2461 SourceMeter® Source Measure Unit

Big Power; New 1/2 Rack Format!

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