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ARISO Contactless Connectivity

Transmit power, signals and data without physical contact! Provides premier design flexibility while reducing maintenance and installation costs.

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MSP432 ARM Cortex M4F LaunchPad
Texas Instruments

Low-power, high performance MSP432P401R MCU. The MSP432P401R LaunchPad enables you to develop high performance applications that benefit from low power operation. It features the MSP432P401R – which includes a 48MHz ARM Cortex M4F, 95uA/MHz active power and 850nA RTC operation, 14-bit 1MSPS differential SAR ADC and AES256 accelerator.

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REDIN45 and REDIN60 DIN Rail Power Supplies

These 45W and 60W DIN Rail Power supplies carry a 7-year warranty and feature a flexible mounting option. They're in stock and ready to ship today.

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Zelio Logic Smart Relays
Schneider Electric

Step into an intuitive world!Zelio Logic smart relays, with their unique combination of value for money and ease of use, provide a real alternative to solutions based on cabled logic or specific cards.

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More New Products

15kV Bidirectional TVS Array

The highest density TVS array available today! A 5-channel bidirectional TVS array that provides protection for data lines from ESD and can safely absorb repetitive ESD strikes as specified in the IEC61000-4-2

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LTC2377-20 - 20-Bit, 500ksps, Low Power SAR ADC
Linear Technology

Low noise, low power, high speed! Operating from a 2.5V supply, the LTC2377-20 has a ±VREF fully differential input range with VREF ranging from 2.5V to 5.1V. The LTC2377-20 consumes only 10.5mW and achieves ±2ppm INL maximum, no missing codes at 20 bits with 104dB SNR.

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Archer 1.27mm (0.05″) Pitch Connectors

Delivers fine pitch reliability. Available in a wide variety of mating heights, with board-mounted sockets from 2.2 to 8.5mm, and with different mounting options.

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2550 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope
B&K Precision

70 MHz to 300 MHz, 2 GSa/s Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. The 2550 series deliver performance and value in 2-channel and 4-channel configurations. With bandwidth from 70 MHz to 300 MHz and 2 GSa/s sample rates, these oscilloscopes offer 24 kpts/Ch waveform memory, 32 automatic measurements, and advanced triggering capabilities including math functions.

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5mm, Round, Thru-hole, High-intensity LEDs

These high intensity LEDs include a choice of colors, lens finishes and easy-to-solder leads. They're perfect for industrial controls, medical, communications, and test equipment.

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Design Center

Featured Boards and Components

SAMA5D4 Xplained Ultra Evaluation Kit

Fast prototyping and low-cost evaluation platform for Atmel's SAMA5D4. The Atmel SMART SAMA5D4 is a fully featured evaluation platform for the Atmel SMART SAMA5D44 ARM-based embedded microprocessor units (eMPU).

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Low Power Comparators
Analog Device

Provide a capable solution to demanding applications that must operate in the µA range. To cover a range of design needs, our low power comparators are available in commercial, industrial, and automotive temperature ranges, with feature such as noninverting inputs and inverting inputs.

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CS v1.1 Download a FREE TRIAL!

Featuring more file importers, DXF board shape importing, 3D STEP file output, mix mode simulation, general bug fixes and more

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Featured Industrial Engineering Products

WIECON 8142Z Series Snap-In PCB Connectors

Ideally suited for wall mount or panel mount HVAC control system components. Connectors are approved for multiple wires and feature rising cage wire clamp technology. Connectors can be combined to accommodate higher I/O counts for complex controller modules.

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Micro D Connectors

Available in 3 industry standard sizes (9, 15, 25.) Designed for commercial applications where space is at a premium, but a robust shielded I/O connector system is still required.

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Platinum Series Temperature Controller

These microprocessor-based PiD controllers offer unparalleled flexibility in process measurement. Great care has gone into designing a product that is very easy to set-up and use.

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Featured Test and Measurement Products

InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series Oscilloscopes

New Standard for Price Performance: Bandwidth, Visualization, and Integration Upgradable to 6GHz Bandwidth; designed for the most demanding applications!

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Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit and Kits

Verify your test tool without unnecessary exposure to shock and arc flash. The PRV240 reduces the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) when a known voltage source is not available.

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AFG1022 Arbitrary/Function Generator

2 Channel, 125MS/s, 25MHz sine waveform arbitrary/function generator. The AFG1022 integrates seamlessly with the new TekSmartLab wireless lab instrument management solution.

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