March 2012

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  • Designing Effective HMI

    The selection and integration of HMI components, such as switch controls, actuators, and indicators, are critcal to the success of equipment designed for human operation.

    Read the article courtesy of EAO Switch
  • New Generation Surge Protectors Bring Benefits for I/O Systems

    New innovations in surge protectors have improved the quality of protection, broadened device functionality, and made it easier for users to manage the crucially important ongoing protection.

    Read the article courtesy of Weidmuller
  • Workplace Noise Can Cause Hearing Loss

    Noise is probably the most common occupational health problem, especially in the manufacturing industries. It is easy to identify, not very difficult to measure, and is in most cases controllable, although noise abatement is sometimes quite costly.

    Read the article courtesy of 3M
  • Making the Right I/O Connection

    How well you design the I/O interconnect ‘bridge’ between equipment can positively or detrimentally affect the performance of your or your user’s system.

    Read the article courtesy of 3M
  • Field Power Supply Reduces Costs, Simplifies Connectivity for Distributed I/O Devices on Industrial Machinery

    While the use of distributed I/O control is increasing on industrial machinery, the technology of supplying field power to machine controls has lagged a little behind the technology curve. A new sealed 24 Volts DC (Vdc) field power supply from SolaHD promises to lower the cost of delivering field power to machines by eliminating separate power supply enclosures and simplifying power supply wiring.

    Read the article courtesy of Sola-HD
  • Is “High-Power” the Right LED Choice For Your Application?

    Without a doubt, developments in high-power LEDs represent one of the most significant and impactful innovations to hit the lighting technology industry in recent years. High-power or high-brightness LEDs, loosely defined as LEDs with at least 1-watt capacity, have invigorated the lighting industry by offering unparalleled benefits in terms of lighting performance, energy efficiency, durability and cost savings.

    Read the article courtesy of Lumex
  • Control Panel Design Guide

    Eaton discusses the proper guidelines for laying out an electrical panel. Proper sizing of motor starters, motor short circuit protection as well as main disconnects are discussed along with NEC (National Electric Code Guidelines).

    Read the article courtesy of Eaton

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