February 2012

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  • Counterfeit and cheap, untested cable puts you at risk

    Buyer beware — in terms of safety and performance, cheap cable is no bargain.

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  • Greener Cables

    New Insulation Material Yields Smaller, Lighter, Greener Cables. EcoWire™ Is Better Performing and Better for the Environment

    Read the article courtesy of Alpha Wire
  • Sustainability: The Best Of Both Worlds

    The Prominent Buzzword In The Material Handling Industry Today Is Undoubtedly "Sustainability." However, Merely Relegating It To Buzzword Status Almost Does A Disservice By Distracting From The Tangible Benefits Of Sustainability.

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  • Solving Signal Problems

    There is perhaps no other industry which values reliable cable performance as highly as broadcasting, for the failure of broadcast cable performance often produces immediate, far-reaching and embarrassing results.

    Read the article courtesy of Belden
  • Evaluating Critical VFD Cable Parameters

    VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) seem to be ever present in applications ranging from motion control to commercial flow/pumping. VFDs, also known as Adjustable Speed Drives or Variable Speed Drives require special considerations for the proper installation and operation of the drive system as well as the proper operation of nearby or adjacent systems.

    Read the article courtesy of Belden
  • Connecting the 21st Century Factory

    Finding the right cables and connectors to enable actuators, computer numeric controllers, cameras, programmable logic devices, servo motors and other factory automation equipment to communicate with each other, is a significant challenge where there are many competing industry standards and proprietary interfaces. 3M can help navigate a course through the maze.

    Read the article courtesy of 3M
  • UTS Hi seal PCB version

    The latest addition to the Souriau UTS range is a sealed plastic open face connector for printed circuit boards. It is the only one on the market to provide IP68 and IP69K ingress protection ratings, even when it is unmated.

    Read the article courtesy of Souriau
  • Technology Migration of Gigabit Ethernet & Connectivity in Medical Applications

    Gigabit Ethernet, a transmission technology based on the Ethernet frame format and protocol used in local area networks (LANs) provides a data rate of 1 billion bits per second (one gigabit).

    Read the article courtesy of Souriau
  • Feature Focus: Collet Tree / Multiple Cable OD's

    The varied and multiple market segments JBX covers, Medical, Instrumentation, Test Equipment and Video, will require wire ranges from the smallest to the largest based on application and power requirements.

    Read the article courtesy of Souriau
  • Using XT IEC Power Control to Reduce Wiring Costs

    Motor starters can now be assembled and wired without any tools, and at a fraction of the time and cost.

    Read the article courtesy of Eaton
  • Application of Tap Rules to Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    In this application note Eaton discusses in detail how electrical wiring costs can be reduced utilizing NEC rules. Mounting and wiring times of various circuit breakers are compared.

    Read the article courtesy of Eaton
  • Zigbee: Setting Standards for Energy Efficient Control Networks

    Zigbee-based solutions are bringing about major advances in wireless networks for home and industrial facilities, while dramatically cutting installation and maintenance costs.

    Read the article courtesy of Schneider Electric
  • The Cost of Poor Power Quality

    Measuring power quality costs and their effects in your business: downtown, equipment problem, and energy costs.

    Read the article courtesy of Fluke
  • Fray Resistant Braided Expandable Sleeving

    Innovative design that resists fraying when cut with scissors and provides superior abrasion resistance once installed.

    Read the article courtesy of Panduit
  • Pan-Lug Copper Compression Parallel Splices

    Parallel Splices deliver installation flexibility and reduced osts with the most UL Listed and CSA Certified conductor combinations in the industrial.

    Read the article courtesy of Panduit
  • Turn-Tell Labels

    Innovative Turn-Tell Labels provide a unique identification solutions to meet the application needs of data centers, industrial automoation and other structured cabling infrastructures.

    Read the article courtesy of Panduit
  • Structured Ground Direct Burial Compression Grounding System

    System provides the highest performance and most reliable compression connection in the industry.

    Read the article courtesy of Panduit
  • J-Pro Cable Support System

    System is designed to provide a competitive alternative to metal J Hooks for routing cables throughout the physical infrastructure.

    Read the article courtesy of Panduit
  • Molex New Atnenna

    Molex's 2.4 and 5GHz dual-band, standalone antennas offer customers maximum radiation efficiencies over a wide range of wireless applications with the convenience of easy-to-use and easy integration features.

    Read the article courtesy of Molex

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