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  • Ensure Safe System Operation with Certified Isolator Devices

    Isolation components such as optocouplers that are used in applications that have user safety issues as a key aspect must not fail under continuous high-working-voltage bias conditions. Safety hazards exist and human life is at risk when such insulation fails and the high voltages come in contact with the user.

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  • Laser Navigation Eye Safety Classification for Optical Mouse Sensor

    This document explains the importance of eye safety, the regulations surrounding eye safety and labeling of products, the impact of eye safety and performance, and recommendations to ensure a safe laser mouse product.

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  • Black Box Physical Network Security

    It has been said that the most secure computer is one that's by itself in a locked room. It should be turned off. Obviously, this is not a computing situation that's going to work for most organizations, but the general idea that isolating computers increases security holds true. The most basic step you can take towards network security is to secure your hardware so unauthorized people can't get at it.

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  • Stray Voltage Testing Made Easy With U1272A

    Stray voltage, sometimes referred to as ghost voltage, is a voltage that appears in an electrical conductor such as a wire, even though the wire is disconnected from an electrical circuit. Electricians and technicians frequently encounter stray voltages in electrical systems when measuring the AC voltage in electrical circuits that have been disconnected.

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  • Making Cables Safer and recyclable

    A new alternative wire insulation to PVC offers better performance and significantly less environmental impact. Although PVC insulation is a mainstay of the wire and cable industry due to its mechanical and electrical properties and its low cost, it presents environmental issues due to its halogen content. Halogens are elements such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine that are highly reactive and can be harmful to people and animals.

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  • Are the Aerosol Cleaners used in your Plant Safe Enough

    There seems to be a continuous flow of governmental restrictions, both state and national, on the usage of solvent cleaners. Most relate to environmental impact of such usage, for example, ozone depletion and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). There is a surprising dearth of restrictions related to personal hazards. The onus is on the organizations using solvents to select products carefully, and equip the users to safely handle the chemicals.

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  • Know your hearing protection

    Not only is noise present in our daily routines and recreational activities, but upwards of 5 million Americans, possibly as many as 30 million, work in hazardous noise on a daily basis. Estimates from the National Institutes of Health suggest that hearing loss afflicts 28 million Americans.

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  • As a welding professional, you could be exposed to a variety of health and safety hazards

    Studies show that full-time welders are at increased risk of bronchitis, airway irritation, lung function changes, pulmonary infections (pneumonia), and lung cancer1. Recent studies suggest a possible link between welding fume and nerve disorders.

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