LED Street Lighting

As the next generation of lighting source, high power LEDs have a number of advantages such as power saving, efficiency and cold start. They are environment friendly and have a long life which reduces the cost of maintenance. It is reported in research that an LED lamp of 100W or so can reach the lighting intensity of a 250W high voltage sodium lamp, presenting significant power efficiency. LEDs require low voltage DC supply, and therefore AC/DC conversion is necessary if they are powered by AC mains. The power supply for LEDs should meet the following requirements:


  1. PF>0.9;
  2. Power Efficiency > 85%;
  3. Compliant with Energy Regulations;
  4. Constant Current Output;
  5. High Reliability;
  6. Surge Protection;
  7. Low Ripple;
  8. Operation Temperature -40℃ - +70℃

The requirements list above indicates that a typical LED street lighting solution have the following modules - bridge-diode, PFC, isolated DC-DC converter, LED constant current controller,and LED fixture which includes LED, Lens & heat sink. Depending on the output power, PFC may operate in either Discontinuous Conduction (DCM),Continuous Conduction (CCM) or Critical Conduction (DRM) mode. Generally, PFC has a stable 400Vdc output to feed the isolated DC-DC converter when the input is within the range from 90V to 264V. The Isolated DC-DC converter can be either fly-back or LLC type. For the LED lamps higher than 100W, the design theory of using CCM PFC or CRM PFC and LLC isolated conversion is commonly adopted. LED constant current control can be implemented by buck, boost or buck-boost topology.

The environment in which LED street lamps will be operating should obviously be taken into consideration to ensure that adequate protection is provided.


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PFC Controller for Power Factor Correction Circuit
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PFC Controller for Power Factor Correction Circuit
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Half-bridge Resonant Controller
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PWM Controller for Flyback Circuit
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High Power LEDs Such as 1W,3W LEDs
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Constant Current Controller for Driving High Power LEDs
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High Voltage MosFET
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AC164133  - Buck/Boost Converter PICtail PlusAC164133  - Buck/Boost Converter PICtail Plus

The Buck/Boost Converter PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board provides an easy and economical way to evaluate Switch Mode Power Supply applications with the dsPIC33F GS Digital Power Conversion family.
LED Lighting Development KitDM330014  - LED Lighting Development Kit
Microchip's Digital LED Lighting Development Kit enables designers to quickly leverage the capabilities and performances of the dsPIC33F GS series of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) to develop LED-lighting products.
MCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo BoardMCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo Board

The MCP1630 Boost Mode LED Driver Demo Board is a step-up, switch-mode, DC-DC converter used for power LED applications.
MCP1650 3W White LED Demo BoardMCP1650 3W White LED Demo Board

The MCP1650 3W White LED Demo Board demonstrates Microchip's MCP165X Boost Controller product family in a battery powered white LED application.
MCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo BoardMCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo Board

The MCP1650 Multiple White LED Demo Board uses the MCP1650 IC to power the nine white LEDs which are connected in series.
Texas Instruments

The kit is based on the Piccolo MCU and the controlCARD platform. One Piccolo MCU is able to directly control eight separate DC/DC power stages as well as up to eight LED strings of various LED types and string lengths.
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